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11 Breakup Songs to Get You Through Hell

The Ultimate Breakup Playlist

Breakups are the worst. Especially, when you are the one being dumped. Especially, when it happens out of the blue. Especially, when it comes after a long exhausting relationship. Especially, when there is a third person involved. Especially... Do I have to continue?

When someone breaks up with us, we may not always see things clearly and be completely rational about it. (Well... Sometimes, as it turns out, we actually were right about a lot of things, but that is a different story.) One way or another, we need to get over it as quickly as possible, because that is the only way we can win this fight.

Music is a wonderful medicine in these situations, and forget about love songs. We need to scream, shout, and swear! We need break-up songs.

WARNING! If you are happy right now, maybe don't listen to all of these songs at once. They might easily bring you down...

Anyway, positive music is not going to help when you have just hit rock bottom. What you need is to switch from sad and desperate to angry and ready to fight back. That is the only way to escape from the dark place back into life.

May this playlist be your guide! 

You can find this playlist on Spotify. Click here.

1. 'Don't Speak' - No Doubt

"It's all ending. I gotta stop pretending who we are..."

This is the anthem of break-ups. There cannot be a break-up playlist without it.

It captures the feeling you get right before the break-up, when you already can see it coming. When you start to realise you are losing. And then, they start to give you the reasons, the false apologies. Trying to justify themselves, they blame it all on you or something else... It just hurts.

2. 'Linger' - The Cranberries

"I though nothing could go wrong. But I was wrong. I was wrong."

You used to idolise that person. Now, you have realised that your ex wasn't as innocent as they wanted you to believe. They enjoyed your devotion, even though they were not that into you. They were just too lazy to end it and waited until it stopped being fun for them. Until they had a back-up. 

Sing this song when you realise how they used to play with you and you wish you could confront them but it's too late...

3. 'I'm Not the Only One' - Sam Smith

"You say I'm crazy, 'cause you don't think I know what you've done."

They made you believe the worst things about yourself. You're hurting. Then, you find out what they were telling you was not the whole story. Oh, you know that feeling when somebody is trying to lie to you but you already know the truth...

4. 'Ciao Adios' - Anne-Marie

"After three, after four times, why did I bother? Tell me how many more times does it take to get smarter."

You remember all the nice things you once had with your ex... and then think about how they do the same things with another person. A person who was in the picture for some time already before the break-up. 

If they treated you badly, it's not worth it to waste your time whining over them. Be done with them!

5. 'Tears Dry on Their Own' - Amy Winehouse

"He walks away, the sun goes down. He takes the day, but I'm grown."

You have accepted your fate. It didn't kill you, it made you stronger. Even though you're still devastated inside, be good to yourself and start walking with your head held high again. Your tears will dry and your scars will remind you what you have been through and survived.

6. 'Used To Love You' - Gwen Stefani

"I guess, nobody taught you. Nobody taught you how to love."

Although you know it is for the best not to be together anymore, it often still hurts to think about the past. After all, you once were in love with that person and it is heart-breaking to think about what you had to go through and how it all turned out.

7. 'Don't' - Ed Sheeran

"This is not the way you realise what you wanted. It's a bit too much too late if I'm honest."

Ed tells the whole story from beginning to end. It is not very hard to identify with it. When someone was trying to figure out their life and they used you as a distraction on the way, it is not okay. Your heart is too precious to be messed with.

8. 'Gives You Hell' - The All-American Rejects

"And truth be told, I miss you. And truth be told, I'm lying!"

It is okay to be a little vicious when you think of someone who hurt you. And it feels really good to sing the lyrics of this song loud and clear for your ex to hear. (Figuratively.)

9. 'Forget You' - Cee Lo Green

"If I was richer, I'd still be with ya. Well, ain't that some sh*t!"

This song is so ridiculous and when you really think about it, so are most break-ups. Sometimes it just feels good to make fun of it all. 

10. 'Smile' - Lily Allen

"I was so lost back then, but with a little help from my friends, I found a light in the tunnel at the end."

Is it about time to laugh about it now? Don't take this song too seriously, but also don't feel bad if you finally start sobering up and stop seeing your ex as a prize you lost. They are more likely the loser you were lucky to escape from. It is all so ironic...

11. 'Send My Love' - Adele

"I'm giving you up. I've forgiven it all. You set me free."

When you are ready to forgive—though, you may still stay a bit bitter—it is time to sing this song. 

Getting out of a toxic relationship was good for you, after all. Hopefully, nobody else will be treated as horribly as you were, and you will be able to walk free again. Although it may seem like you lost, when you manage to get over it and start a new life, you are the winner.

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11 Breakup Songs to Get You Through Hell
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