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Ariana Grande Finds Her Inner Goddess in "God is a Woman"

Pop singer Ariana Grande will make you believe God is a woman.

Ariana Grande, 'God is a Woman' Music Video, Youtube.

Don’t be fooled by the title of the song. If you were expecting a song that was pious, then you must not know Ariana Grande. "God is a Woman" is anything but pious but gives Arianators the perfect song to vibe to on a night in with a lover, or a night out with the girls. "God is a Woman" is a song packed with sensual and provocative lyrics that not only shocked fans but made those who worship her, worship her even more. "God is a Woman" is Grande's third single from Grande's fourth album Sweetener, and despite its religious title, the song goes into depth about Grande's temptations and desire for her lover being so strong that after a sexual encounter the lover will believe that God is actually a woman. Grande sets the scene with lyrics like, "My one, it lingers when it's done, you'll believe God is a woman."

"God is a Woman is not only one of Grande's most sensual songs, but also stands as one of Grande's most empowering hits. The title itself is groundbreaking in how Grande defines God as a woman which based on historical context, has never truly been taken seriously by society. God has always been defined as a man, due to his strength and power which Grande aims to refute.

Prior to releasing "God Is a Woman," Grande released her first and second singles titled, "No Tears Left To Cry" and "The Light Is Coming," the former debuting at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Grande has come a long way since her first debut single, "The Way" in 2013. Grande's first album, Yours Truly received praise for her impeccable vocals and R&B sound, but unlike Sweetener, Grande's songs mainly touched on romance and heartbreak. Based off her three songs from Sweetener, it is clear that Grande will be experimenting with different themes, most likely centering on female desire, and women empowerment, as well as romance.

In the music video directed by Dave Meyers, Grande is portrayed as God, and seems to go above and beyond, amazing viewers with impeccable visuals. At one point in the video, Grande is sitting on top of the planet in space while singing, with her legs wide open. Throughout the video, Grande is laying in purple paint, in what looks like the center of a vaginal opening.

At another point in the music video, she, along with other women, are in what resembles a feminist version of Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam painting. One of the most powerful visuals in the video take place with Grande inside an open book where six white men are throwing words such as, "Slut" at her while she watches on emotionless, obviously unfazed by the harsh treatment. The video is filled with much more glorious depictions of female empowerment and leaves the viewer in awe of the biblical visuals putting women at the forefront, while also diving into Grande's sensual side.

'God is a Woman' Music Video, Youtube.

'God is a Woman' Music Video, Youtube.

'God is a Woman' Music Video, Youtube.

'God is a Woman' Music Video, Youtube.

Throughout the music video, it is clear that Grande is presenting an important message to her fans about female empowerment, and even stated on Instagram how much her "fellow goddesses" i.e. powerful women mean to her. In a caption on Instagram under a clip of her music video, Grande stated, "I respect you and am endlessly inspired by you." Grande went on to say, "I hope this can be your anthem whenever you need it for the rest of forever."

Grande's song is not solely groundbreaking because of her sensual lyrics which took many by surprise, but for what the song represents visually, especially, at a time where women are just now beginning to realize their special gifts after being ignored and restricted sexually, physically, and emotionally for so long. "God is a Woman" provides an escape for women who feel that they are not as powerful or as strong as they really are. Grande has done more than create a catchy song, she has created an alternative reality, where women are the powerful ones who will not be slut-shamed, stepped on, or judged for having a voice. It's safe to say that Grande is right, why can't God be a woman? If you don't agree, watch the video for yourself.

Ariana Grande - "God is a Woman"

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Ariana Grande Finds Her Inner Goddess in "God is a Woman"
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