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Behind the Lyrics:

Go Away

Inside the Lyric

We should hold people we admire and love to high standards, especially when, they disappoint us time and time again. Then hopefully, obnoxiousness would be irradiated.

Most people’s response and behavior is limited to their exposure as well as their understanding. People react and judge circumstance based on their experience. It is impossible for a person to be gracious, if they haven’t experienced grace, to be kind and loving, if they were not taught to be.

Based on my life, I can identify and appreciate the words of Poet Alfred Tennyson:

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

Many of my own poems and lyrics were carved from love, hurt and sorrow. At times, it was my own, other times, I echoed the pain of the world around me.

“Go Away” A lyric I wrote after the incident where Rapper Fifty cent mocked an autistic man was out of empathy for that man. However, it was also intertwined with my own hurt.

I was struggling emotionally and solicited the help of an ex-coworker. Instead of responding in a respectful manner, he berated me. I was in a difficult situation and had ongoing health issues. I reached out believing he would surely help or offer advice, but I misjudged who he was as a person and his response was unexpected.

That was emotionally difficult for me although, I was not publicly humiliated the way Andrew that autistic man was.

However, both circumstances filled me with questions about human regard one for another. I wondered who own the ability to fully comprehend what it is like for someone else, and could be certain of facts without knowing. How could any hurt an individual and expect others to be gracious to them and dismiss their action as error? Would I have it in me to accept an apology and to leave that person to go on to hurt someone else? Does apologizing repair the damage or erase disrespect?

In the end, I concluded that sometimes it is better to move on and to not give another thought to disrespectful individuals. Then, I created the Lyrics to the song, “Go Away.”

I keep hearing the mean things you said.
Your words keep repeating, they play in my head.
I had nowhere to go but you made me wanna hide.
Because of struggles, many days I curled up and cried.
Go away, go away, but don’t fill me with shame.
I’m nothing more than a pawn in your game.
Go away, go away, I’m just trying to survive.
But hash words and bullying has claimed many lives.
I didn’t want to live life locked in.
You formed your conclusion without question.
You believed I chose to look the way that I do.
I didn’t and I wouldn’t choose to behave like you.
I’m grown up but inside I’m a kid.
And that doesn’t cause some to bat an eyelid.
You need to know that’s how it’ll always be for me.
With Autism, I’ll live and I’ll never be really free.

My hope is that this song might help to curb the behavior of insensitive individuals, and somehow soften the way we respond to others. One can listen to it on my sound cloud page at

Or down load it from itunes at

Other poems and lyrics by Ruth Garnes is on line at

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Behind the Lyrics:
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