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Best of Kelly Clarkson

American Idol Winner

We all know her as the most successful American Idol contestant to date—Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson, a Texas native, has landed herself 26 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, which included three number one singles. 

She kicked her career off with the Idol single, "A Moment Like This," which spent nearly two weeks at number one in October of 2002. 

Clarkson hit the two week mark again in 2009, when her single, "My Life Would Suck Without You" and "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" lasted for three weeks at number one. 

The Idol winner has received three Grammy Awards, including two for her Breakaway album in 2004. Breakaway was a breakthrough album for Clarkson, landing her numerous nominations for awards. 

Though, since her pop-powerhouse breakthrough, Clarkson has also crossed over for dance club songs and country. 

Here's a look at some of Clarkson's best songs (in my opinion):

'Behind These Hazel Eyes'

Clarkson presents a great imagery in "Behind These Hazel Eyes," when singing of a breakup to someone she was once close with. It is based on a true story, where Clarkson's ex-boyfriend, who broke up with her, got married month later. 

Best lyrics: I told you everything / opened up and let you in / you made me feel alright for once in my life

'Walk Away'

"Walk Away" sees Clarkson telling her boyfriend that he's let her down and by not committing to the relationship, he should just walk away. The music video for this song was always fun to watch, growing up.

Best lyrics: I waited here for you / Like a kid waiting after school / So tell me how come you never showed?

'Because Of You'

This is one of Clarkson's most heart-wrenching songs, which describes the broken relationship she has with her father. The pain she experienced after her parents divorce is portrayed through the lyrics; one listen and you can even hear it in Clarkson's voice.

Best lyrics: I watched you die  / I heard you cry every night in your sleep / I was so young / You should have known / Better than to lean on me

'Since U Been Gone'

"Since U Been Gone" is one of Clarkson's energetic songs that one can't help but sing along when the chorus comes on. The song has won Clarkson a numerous amount of awards such as a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and two Grammy Awards from the album. It was one of the most sung songs during American Idol auditions, including Kellie Pickler. 

Best lyrics: How can I put it? You put me on / I even fell for that stupid love song / Yeah, yeah / Since you've been gone / How come I'd never hear you say, / "I just wanna be with you." / I guess you never felt that way


"Breakaway" offers listeners a bit of inspiration and emotion. This song resonates, no matter how old the listener is, as it is the song for everyone.. It was actually written by Avril Lavigne and was intended for her second album, Under My Skin, but didn't think it fit the album and let Clarkson record it as a single. The song did so well, it became the name of Clarkson's second album. "Breakaway" was used in the movie The Princess Diaries 2

Best lyrics: Buildings with a hundred floors / Swinging 'round revolvin' doors / Maybe I don't know where they take me / But gotta keep movin' on / Movin' on / Fly away /  Breakaway

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Best of Kelly Clarkson
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