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BlackPink's New Music Video Is Here!

And It Is Amazing

BlackPink's comeback has finally arrived! The music video for Ddu-du Ddu-du was released on YouTube about one hour prior to the time of this publication, and the expectations were not only surpassed, they were left in the magical, technicolor dust!

No, literally, there are a few instances of colorful dust being thrown in the video.

The video itself has already reached 500K views on YouTube. As speculated, more records will continue to be broken and set anew by this powerhouse group!

The choreography is cool and fresh, careful not to emulate the choreography from before, and intelligently unique among current girl groups. Fans the world over will be satisfied and thrilled to see their bias has been featured well, as each member has ample time in the front and in the spotlight during this video.

The opening scene of the music video gives us Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé oozing charisma in the same dazzling outfits they donned in the moving posters released by YG Entertainment a few days ago. It's like a subtle nod to those of us who have been waiting like tiny, starving baby birds for this music video all year. We poured ourselves over those moving posters. By now, I'm sure all proud Blinks have those outfits memorized. Well, I'm here to tell you they are even more impressive when you can see more than just from the shoulder up.

Recognize the outfits?

Who would have known how sexy the rest of those outfits could be? Each member's personality and style is perfectly represented here. 

Look. At. That. Dress.

Oh. My. God. 

Jennie! That absolute queen! Is there anyone else who could wear a dress like this, as colorful and detailed, and make it look so fierce and sexy? She sits there on her pink throne with a crown sitting perfectly atop her luxurious locks, declaring that she is the queen! We hear you, Jennie! You are the queen! Go on with your bad self, girl!

Lisa During Her Rap Solo

Lisa looks so good! She's holding a katana with BlackPink engraved right onto the blade! What's really magical about this scene in the Ddu-du Ddu-du music video, though, is that we hear Lisa's voice in a much lower key and with swagger so thick it just about slides out of from between her devil-red lips! Lisa fans all over the world will not be disappointed!

And Then There's Rosé

Rosé dressed like the goddess she is

This has to be my favorite scene of the entire, heart-thumping Ddu-du Ddu-du music video! Rosé can be seen standing on that pedestal we saw in the teaser video, dressed in the most brilliant and ethereal gown in the whole music video. What's interesting is that she is also in this scene again, standing next to the podium and looking up at the goddess version of herself. It's almost as though the hype from all her popularity these days has her somewhat stepping outside herself.

Or could this scene mean that the only artist that is above Rosé right now, is Rosé herself? Whatever the meaning of this scene, I'm just so glad they included it in the video. It's a real thinker, and the only scene in which a member is depicted twice at the same time. 

Jisoo's Awesome Wig!

Jisoo appears in the following scene, which seems to make another statement about members' images. She is actually in this scene twice, but not as two different people moving and singing to one another. The large scale photo on the wall behind her is an image of herself, but with the long, black hair we all know her for.

This is such a fresh, new look for her, and I hope she actually changes her hair to look something like this! A face and jawline as flawless as hers can handle itself with any hairstyle. What do you have to lose, Jisoo? After the huge impact this image had on fans all over the internet, maybe a short, neon hair style is worth a try? 

From rhinestoned tanks to literally swinging from chandeliers, this video has enough amazing content to keep fans talking for months. I, for one, actually can't wait to see the first reaction videos from my favorite YouTubers like Dezzy!

As always, thank you very much for reading. Now go watch that music video again and again!

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BlackPink's New Music Video Is Here!
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