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Danielle Bregoli: Is She as Bad as They Say?

Society loves to hate. In this case, were they right?

the 15 year old has more to offer than people give her credit for

Danielle Bregoli, better known as the "catch me ousside" girl, became an internet meme last year after her appearance on Dr. Phil. In this appearance, the public first got a taste of her, and they absolutely hated her. Since then, many people have copied her trail to fame. The most popular of these copycats consist of WoahVicky (The girl who acts like she's Black), and most recently, Lil Tay. They both took the "badass girl" persona, and rode with it. 

However, one thing that sets Danielle apart is her music career. 

When she dropped her first song, titled "These Heaux," under her new rap name "Bhad Bhabie," she got more hate than she has ever received. The closed minded audience didn't give her a split second before they let her have it. "These Heaux" is an extremely catchy, and surprisingly well-produced song about Danielle not trusting any fake girls that cross her path. 

"These Heaux" Music Video.

Could it have been better? Yes. Did people hate her for it? Yes. Did it have potential? Absolutely.

After that, her music career began to take off. She signed a record deal with the same label as Kodak Black, and she utilized it. She began to drop more music, but it wasn't catching, and "These Heaux" was still her only decently popular song. This was, until she dropped a song that the public would love to hate, but eventually hate to love.

"Hi Bich" was released, and the public laughed. The lyrics are shallow, the instrumental is incredibly bass-heavy, and the rhythm was close to non-existent. People laughed, and downloaded the song to play it as a joke around their friends. (This is where many people learned not to judge too quickly). This song ended up taking off, taking the spot as her most popular song. People's hate fueled her career even more, and it began to pay off. "Hi Bich" made its way onto the charts, and into people's hearts. She then released the music video in a pair with another song called "Whachu Know" that she released at the same time.

This is when people began to take Bhad Bhabie a little more seriously as an artist, and not simply a meme. 

"Hi Bich" Music Video

The video ended up doing much better than expected, and raked in over a million likes, which is a feat for anyone, especially a girl that everyone hated. 

People can say, "She is milking her fame," but isn't that what you would do too? 

Pretend you suddenly went viral for something. Wouldn't you want to do anything you could to stay relevant? Not only that, but wouldn't you expand if you saw a huge profit possibility?

She might be "milking her fame," but she's doing what she loves, and getting paid a significant check at the age of 15.

The story isn't done yet. Danielle then realized that "Hi Bich" is catchy and all, but it definitely could be better. This is where the remix comes into play. She obviously has connections, because she managed to get significant artists on this remix—most impressively, Rich the Kid, who has recently gone platinum for his immensely popular song "Plug Walk."

2.0? "Hi Bich" Remix Featuring: YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid, and Asian Doll

People were highly impressed by this redo of the originally mediocre song—not only by the features, but by the fact that Bhad Bhabie had extremely impressive wordplay in comparison to the original song. Rich the Kid also brought catchy and poppy lyrics as he always does. Overall, this was her best song yet. It was the first song where people regularly listened, and more importantly where people saw Danielle as an artist. 

...But Danielle was just getting started.

The next song Danielle release caught everyone off guard. 

Give it a listen. Then we'll talk.

Bhad Bhabie feat. Lil Yachty – "Gucci Flip Flops" (Official Audio)

Okay... If you've been following this article intently as I hope you are, then you have to be impressed.

To keep it blunt, this song simply sounds professional. She sounds confident, and she made the instrumental her "Bich." Not only that, but the feature speaks for itself. Yachty doesn't collaborate with just anyone, and he let people know on Twitter. People started to call him a sellout for this song, but he let people know that he completely supports Danielle, and he is happy he worked with her. This was definitely, with no question, her best song. Danielle is slowly but surely getting more confident, and letting the public see more and more of her musical side.

So, this leads me to the title of this article...

Do you believe Danielle deserves the hate she receives, simply because she's "young" and "a meme"? 

She has already accomplished more than we all have, and I believe she has quite a few more tricks up her sleeve. Just because it is popular to hate her music doesn't mean you need to. Danielle Bregoli has utilized her fame, and is making sure she doesn't lose it anytime soon.

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Danielle Bregoli: Is She as Bad as They Say?
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