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Fuel for Inspiration

With my muse gone, I need a new source.

Where to find my source?

The day started out normal like any other day. I stopped at my favorite gas station to get some coffee, then headed to the school where I studied and worked. I had a sense something was wrong. First, I thought it was because finals were on the way, so I just brushed it off. The news of Chester Bennington's death came from my fiancé Ian; he asked if I was okay. I wasn't sure why he was asking and told me to check the web. My first thought maybe a terrorist attack nearby since they were going on a lot since 2016. My heart sank when I saw it online: "Linkin Park frontman found dead," even till this day, I still feel like it isn't real. This event was a significant impact because I felt alone and lost thinking my muse was gone, my fuel, and my source.

The Fuel

When it comes to bringing your talent to life, you look for a source, so you use what inspires you to create, whether it's making art, producing music, or writing. To get inspiration, I used music to fuel my imagination so that I can write stories or my science fiction graphic novel. I just close my eyes put on my earphones and push play. My choice of music was Linkin Park. Linkin Park was my muse, my inspiration, and the reason I chose to get into my field of film, graphic design, and writing; their music was in a way… fire to my creativity. Ever since I started school, they were my inspiration. I couldn't think of any other band who could help me create. Sadly, that day came in the year 2017 in July.

Now that the new year has begun, I'm in need of finding another source of inspiration, so I listen to the radio website Pandora with bands that fall under the same music type as Linkin Park. I will say this: with the different kinds of music these bands play my writing and designs have gotten pretty good, I still listen to Linkin Park just for that extra inspiration. When I hear the band play, it's like I can relax and escape to another world which helps me create my short stories and graphic novel, but now that my muse is gone and the thought of Linkin Park no longer continuing, I felt my creativity would be crushed. I was happy to hear that Linkin Park's frontman Mike Shinoda had released a three-song album under his name instead of his side project called Fort Minor that were about his feelings at the aftermath of his friend Chester Bennington's death. He called the album Post Traumatic. I purchased the album. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry, I cried for about an hour after I listened to the three songs and I would also be lying if I didn't say I got some ideas for a short story inspired from the lyrics. I hope someday to produce it into a short film, but right now it will remain in my idea journal.

What now?

Now that I am a current graduate from The Art Institute of California—Orange County, a campus of Argosy University, I will do some mixing of music bouncing back and forth from Linkin Park to current bands to help me write and design. I did hear Mike Shinoda will continue Linkin Park, was I happy to listen to this, you bet! Heck, I screamed for joy because Linkin Park is my fuel, but I did get sad knowing Chester Bennington won't be part of the band anymore. RIP Chester Bennington, you will always be my muse, now and forever.