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Girl Groups to Listen To

A Response to 'The Fader's' Article: 'Where Are All the Girl Groups?'

The Spice Girls are easily one of the most well known girl group that the world has ever seen

From the Spice Girls in the 90s to Little Mix now, the world has seen a whole lot of girl groups. The Fader released an article in June of 2018 hosting the question, "Where are all the girl groups?" In the article, they mentioned that it seemed like the world had a plethora of boy bands, but the girl groups were nowhere to be found. Then, they spent half of the article talking about boybands. Here's a hint: maybe, if they hadn't done so much in-depth research on the boybands of today, they would've been able to find some girl groups like the ones I'm about to mention. Here, the Fader, I did the dirty work for you! 


Members (left to right): Naomi McPherson, Katie Gavin, and Josette Maskin

MUNA is an indie band consisting of three queer girls who met at a party at USC. The trio released their debut EP, The Loudspeaker EP, in 2016, followed by their album About U in 2017. They toured with the band Grouplove in 2016 as well as with Harry Styles on the North American and European legs of his 2017 tour. They've also had a few of their songs featured in movies and been on late night television, so I'd say they're doing pretty damn good, contrary to The Fader's belief!

My Favorites: "Winterbreak" and "Crying on the Bathroom Floor"


Members (left to right): Este Haim, Alana Haim, and Danielle Haim

HAIM is a band that was formed by three sisters: Este, Danielle, and Alana in 2007. The girls have two studios albums: Days Are Gone and Something To Tell You, released in 2013 and 2017, respectively. They've opened for a handful of acts on tour, including Vampire Weekend and, most recently, Taylor Swift on the 1989 World Tour, as well as having two headlining tours under their belt. 

My Favorites: "Little of Your Love" and "Falling"

The Aces

Members (left to right): McKenna Petty, Cristal Rameriz, Katie Henderson, and Alisa Rameriz

The Aces are a four member girl band from Utah that met while they were in school together. Their debut EP, titled I Don't Like Being Honest, was released in 2017 with lead single "Stuck", released in 2016. The quartet's album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic, quickly followed in April of 2018. 

My Favorites: "Baby Who"

Milk & Bone

Members (left to right): Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne

Canadian duo (not exactly a band but, they're two girls making music that I love so, naturally, I have to include them) Milk & Bone met in school and joined David Giguère's touring band before breaking off to make their own music. Though they're both francophones, they write and record their music in English. Their debut EP, Little Mourning was released in 2015, followed by the duo's album, Deception Bay in 2018. In 2015, they received the SOCAN Breakout Award at the SOCAN Francophone Awards in Montreal.

My Favorites: "Tmrw" and "BB BLUE"


Members (left to right): Stella Mozgawa, Emily Kokal, Jenny Lee Lindberg, and Theresa Wayman

Warpaint is a four piece group formed in Los Angeles. The group wasn't originally a girl group, with several guys coming and going in the early years of the band. Their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse, was released in 2009, followed by an album titled, The Fool, in 2010. Their most recent release, Heads Up, came out in 2016. They've toured with several bands, including the xx, and most recently opening for Harry Styles on the Asia leg of his 2018 tour.

My Favorites: "Don't Let Go"


Members (left to right): Carlotta Cosials, Ana Garcia Perrote, Ade Martin, and Amber Grimbergen

Hinds are a four member girl group from Madrid that formed in 2011 as a duo under the name Deers, under which they released their first two songs, Demo. They changed their name in 2015, following the addition of two more members and released two more songs under the title Barn. Their first album, Leave Me Alone, was released in 2016 after their first world tour. The groups second album, I Don't Run was released in 2018. 

My Favorites: "The Club" and "New For You"

So, The Fader, here's your proof that girl groups still exist and are doing just as well if not better than they were in the 80s and 90s. And these are just girl bands that I personally listen to. This doesn't even include the undiscovered bands and plethora of Kpop girl groups that I have yet to listen to. And thank you to The Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, and many other girl groups like them for paving the way and giving these girls the platform that they truly deserve. You are truly the pioneers of girl bands around the world.

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Girl Groups to Listen To
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