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William Ricks44 minutes ago
Female Rappers to Tune into for 2019
2018 was a great year for music overall, particularly the hip-hop genre. With many memorable albums dropped last year, many have noticed the emergence of females in the rap game. Most of the attention...
Samantha Sing2 hours ago
Five Motivational Songs from My Childhood
Have you ever felt like Rapunzel wondering, "When will my life begin?" Life is about taking risks that can lead to amazing changes and opportunities, but often, it's scary to leave a place where you a...
Mackenzie Coberley21 hours ago
Ariana Grande 'Thank U, Next' Album Review
Ariana Grande is one to know the feeling of pain and defeat. With all that 2017 and 2018 has thrown at her, the outcome has been utmost amazing. Winning Billboard's “2018 Woman of The Year” award, a G...
SKYLERIZED a day ago
Is Troy Ave Better Than Drake?
The rap world is fractured. On different planes, you have a Pulitzer Prize-winning act like Kendrick Lamar and on the other you have energetic and rambunctious figures like Soulja Boy still holding it...
Katie Hainesa day ago
5 British Indie Bands to Watch Out for in 2019
Whilst the charts are full of pop songs with an EDM drop featured at some point in the song, a new wave of indie music is surging. Head on down to the institution that is the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, or new festivals like So Young, and you'll witness the latest bands to follow in the footsteps of successes like Wolf Alice. It's sweaty and cramped establishments like this where the new revival of British alternative music is emerging, winning over the live crowds before releasing a debut. It'...
Gucci Babya day ago
5 Tips for Independent Artists
Believe in your brand. Create your own body of work. Stop waiting on confirmation or approval. Focus on the goal. Put in the hours.
DJ Fevera day ago
Cruise Ship Classic Reggae Hits
Reggae music and cruises go together like peanut butter and jelly. What's one without the other? Cruising is the most relaxing method of vacation travel. It wouldn't be the same without the sweet soun...
Augusta Got Something to Say
While enjoying the beautiful scenery from the Main Tower of the Augusta Marriott Convention Center. I was fortunate to have sat down with the Garden City's most electrifying artist, Shaudy Prince! Eng...
Luigi K.D.Cruz2 days ago
Avril Lavigne, 'Head Above Water' Album Review
Avril has been one of the prominent examples of a pop star over a decade. Her ground-breaking debut album Let Go has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, becoming her highest selling album to d...