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Annie Kapur6 hours ago
Review: 'The Two Killings of Sam Cooke'
I absolutely love Sam Cooke, and his voice, his activism and his legacy live on even today. As a part of the Remastered series, Netflix created a pretty good documentary on the man who once fathered m...
WatchMojo 7 hours ago
Top 10 Best Cher Songs
She’s the pop icon with over six decades of ongoing success and over 100 million record sales. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Best Cher Songs." For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. We will only be looking at Cher’s solo work, so any hits she had as one half of Sonny & Cher are off the table, as well as any other of Cher’s duets with other artists.
"You Need To Calm Down" Is Exciting
I was a pretty big #TaylorSwift fan not so long ago. Up until Reputation dropped, I really enjoyed both her country songs, which is basically where she first found popularity, and her forays into pop music. It wasn't that I thought Reputation was a bad album; far from it. I think by that point—only two years ago—I'd just had enough of Taylor Swift for a little while, as radio stations had a tendency to overplay her music. I just saw the video for "You Need to Calm Down" this morning, and I've go...
Annie Kapur9 hours ago
Book Review: 'Up Jumped the Devil: The Real Life of Robert Johnson'
There are many, many books about Robert Johnson and many that I have read, but this one has to be one of my favourites and a great book to read for any level of fan. Whether you are just on your route...
FOUNDRY13 Music10 hours ago
Should Artists Experiment With Multiple Genres or Keep to One?
We all love certain artists with their individual styles and ways like Imagine Dragons and their powerful and heavy drums, or Twenty-One Pilots with Tyler Joseph's distinct voice, which can be heard i...
Monique Star10 hours ago
"Death of Me" Review
I have a habit of listening to Daughtry songs that I like over and over again, and the song, "Death of Me" is no exception. However, a random thought popped into my head: I once used the song as an audio for a video edit that mainly focused on a character in a web series who is known for basically being personified anxiety. After listening to the song over and over again several more times, I found myself thinking less of the video edit itself, and more about why the song was a relevant choice o...
Shandi Pace10 hours ago
The Man That Changed the Music Industry
No one stands up to Paul McCartney. Beginning his musical journey in the Beatles, he also enjoyed another successful band, as well as a solo career. As a music icon, he’s played over our airwaves for ...
Artcha James11 hours ago
'Urban Tales Volume Two'
Urban Tales Volume Two is the second installment in the trilogy. Volume One dealt with growing up in the inner city with stand out stories like "Grandma's House" and "Life Like." The trilogy of Urban ...
Lake Starr12 hours ago
My Own Piano Man
I used to live in this apartment with these huge floor-to-ceiling windows, so I could see everyone on the street, and the building across the street, and best of all I had a perfect view of the horizo...