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One Week Until BlackPink Comeback

I. Can. Not. Wait. Any. Longer.

Rosé in her moving poster promo for Square Up

There are only seven days until BlackPink finally makes their comeback! Kpop fandom will be on pins and needles for the next week. As I mentioned before in a previous article about their comeback, it has been a long time coming and Blinks the world over are even more impatient than ever as we are now on the home stretch! 

Soon we will see what the four members have been working so hard on all this time, and we hope (we know) that the comeback will be well worth the wait.

YG Entertainment took it upon themselves this week to release what they are calling 'moving posters' of BlackPink's beautiful members. These moving posters are exactly what they sound like. Straight out of Harry Potter, they're basically photos of the girls doing their individual poses, but moving and smoldering with intensity like nothing you would ever see on the walls of Hogwarts.

Above you can see Rosé in her moving poster, the first one released from the group. I first saw it on Instagram, but I'm sure it was posted on other exclusively Eastern social media networks first. She's gorgeous, as always. She's absolutely living this moment, oozing charm and making it all look effortless.

Jennie's moving poster was released next on Instagram, and as we have all come to expect from the star, her piercing eyes shot right through the screen as she breathed through the subtle motions of her captivating moving poster. 

Jennie's Moving Poster

She clearly understands her strengths and that her most striking feature is her unmistakable eyes. Cleverly, Jennie makes sure her lovely peepers are aggressively featured by covering the rest of her face and letting them dominate the center of the frame. Well played, Miss Kim. 

Jisoo's Moving Poster

The next moving poster released on Instagram was that of Jisoo. Officially, Jisoo is the visual center, but as I believe I made clear in a previous story about the members, it is a very tall order to be the one visual center in a group like BlackPink, who boasts four amazing powerhouses of beauty and talent. However, her beauty is the star of this moving poster. As usual, her attire appears to be gentle and feminine. Although we can only see from about the clavicles up, it is obvious that the amount of sparkle and fashion boldness is toned town compared to the dazzling outfits donned by Jennie and Rosé. But Jisoo never needed the pomp and sequins to help her shine. She does a great job of that on her own.

Lisa's Moving Poster

Lisa gives the least movement in her moving poster, and her clothing is the most muted of the four. Perhaps these details are very closely calculated by the agency and Lisa herself. Anyone who has watched BlackPink House or seen any sort of videos on YouTube that feature the members in candid situations, can tell you that Lisa is the most energetic with the biggest personality. There is always so much energy booming and beaming around this dance machine, it seems clever and gratifying that a softer, serious side of her is showcased here. As the youngest member of BlackPink, could this be the beginning of a period of growth for Lisa? It could be that this comeback and the mini-album will show us a more artistic Lisa. That seems like an interesting concept to me.

Well, my fellow Blinks, like you I am on the edge of my seat devouring every byte of content that comes out of YG Entertainment that refers to BlackPink and their approaching comeback. Only one week left! Let's keep our eyes on this group together.


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One Week Until BlackPink Comeback
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