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Sabrina Claudio Bares Her Soul in "Messages From Her"

R&B artist Sabrina Claudio dives into the most vulnerable part of herself and self-reflects in the first single from her upcoming project, 'No Rain, No Flowers.'

Sabrina Claudio Photographed for Her Upcoming Debut Album Titled No Rain, No Flowers

Miami-born R&B singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio is back with a new single from her upcoming debut album No Rain, No Flowers. Claudio's new single, "Messages From Her," consists of sultry vocals, a catchy yet beautiful melody, and lyrics that shine a light on Claudio's phenomenal songwriting abilities. "Messages From Her" differs from Claudio's recent songs from her EP, Confidently Lost. Most of the songs from her EP shined a light on sexuality, liberation, and independence. Although it is not clear what the themes will be for her upcoming album, it is clear from "Messages From Her" that it will touch on self-reflection, and happiness. It is unlikely that Claudio will shy away from her signature sensual style on the new album. 

In "Messages From Her," Claudio reminisces about her childhood and finding the little girl that she used to be. At the end of the song, Claudio realizes that the little girl she once was will stay with her forever. On instagram, Claudio announced why this was her favorite song on the album. Claudio claimed that the song was "written in a moment of self reflection to the happiest times in my childhood. Finding myself wishing I can speak to that little girl so she can give her perspective on what the meaning and purpose of life and happiness really are."

In the intimate and emotional 4-minute and 52-second track, there is a bond that Claudio creates between herself and the listener. Claudio has the ability to bare her soul and keep the listeners wanting more, as if there is an untold story that she has been keeping from her fans for years. It is as if Claudio has given us the key to unlock her innermost thoughts and emotions. This song does what no previously released song from Claudio has done before, which is bring the listener closer to the R&B artist. 

Although the song is not likely to be played on the radio or garner the same attention as many of her more pop-inspired rivals, Claudio is baring her soul and creating the closest thing to magic: pure authentic art. At the end of the day, ticket sales and trivial songs that do nothing for the listener but provide a good beat cannot compare to a song as deep and full of meaning as "Messages From Her." The song brings the listener to a specific point in Claudio's past when life was easy and where everything seemed to fall into place. The listener is able to see a little girl transform back into a reminiscing Sabrina Claudio from beginning to end.

There is no telling how successful Sabrina Claudio's upcoming debut album will be. If Claudio plays her cards right, this could be the album that gives Sabrina Claudio the push to make her mark on the world and finally make it on top of the Billboard 200 chart. Claudio has been the artist on the rise since 2016, but could finally break through and make it as big as Ariana Grande or even Adele with a single that does more than give a listener a good melody. If Claudio continues to bare her soul and sing about the things that matter while giving the listener a story to follow from song to song, Claudio could be the next big thing, becoming a household name. While we wait for Claudio to break the glass ceiling, take some time to listen to her new single over and over again, because it's just that good. There is a sense of tranquility and beauty throughout the song, as well as lyrics that will make you beg for the entire album. Claudio's upcoming debut album, No Rain, No Flowers will be released on August 15th.

Sabrina Claudio - "Messages From Her"

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Sabrina Claudio Bares Her Soul in "Messages From Her"
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