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Saxophonist Luefras Is Redefining Love

Inspirational cover features spoken word intro by Luefras; available soon on all digital outlets.

Saxophonist Luefras’ musical style is best described as a cross-section of her Pentecostal Gospel roots, Smooth Jazz and the key of life. 

You will rethink the meaning of love as you listen to the inspirational sounds of Saxophonist Luefras Robinson on her latest single. Her new instrumental cover of  “More than Anything” (Lamar Campbell) also features Luefras in a spoken word element. The EP —which will consist of four songs— is produced by Richard Davis of R2D Studios, Fredericksburg, VA. 

Follow @luefras on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for digital availability of “More than Anything” within the next few days.  This song follows the release of “Can’t Stop” and “Private Time,” which are included on the EP which will be released in its entirety in the March/April timeframe.

Luefras looks forward to continuing to spread music around the world that uplifts all things God which is love, peace, and joy. 


Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Richard T. Davis—R2D Music Productions

Dijuan Moore—Drums

Keyboards/Bass—Richard T. Davis

Guitar—Ervin "Big Man" Williams

Recorded at R2D Music Productions


Photographer: Michael Ellis Photos (Fredericksburg, VA)

@michael_ellis_photos / Instagram

Graphic Design: Brandon Roberts

Hair: Quiana Mizell

Hair, Makeup: Nyea Corbin/Gorgeous Reflections (Fredericksburg, VA)

Dress: @lanebryant

Photo shoot location: Downtown Fredericksburg, VA @fxbgva

More About Luefras

A resident of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Luefras (lu-fray) Robinson is a mainstay on the Gospel and Jazz music scene. Luefras, also affectionately known as “Ms. Sax,” plays the saxophone with great passion encased with a God-given anointing that inspires audiences to new heights. As a teenager, Luefras debuted her talents as a saxophonist while a member of the Mt. Calvary, Holy Church of God in Smithfield, VA under the leadership of her parents, the late Pastors James E. Robinson Sr. and Corine W. Robinson. Word quickly spread about the “young lady who plays that horn” which led to great demand for her performances at a wide variety of events to include worship services, military ceremonies, banquets, weddings, and numerous other public and private functions.

Originally from Suffolk in Hampton Roads, VA, Luefras was a member of the “Marching Chargers” at the former John Yeates High School. She continued performing at Radford University in Radford, Virginia with the jazz ensemble, concert band, and gospel choir. Today, Luefras is continuing to expand her musical territory to new dimensions as she approaches her gift as a ministry of love and inspiration that has no geographic boundaries. Also, as a motivational speaker, Luefras enjoys sharing her musical gift and speaking words of empowerment in church, school, and corporate settings.

Luefras earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Speech from Radford University, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Executive Leadership emphasis) from American University in Washington, DC. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and Pi Alpha Alpha, the International Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration.

Luefras also works as a Senior Writer/Editor for the Department of Defense and is the owner of LSR Creative Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in business development, communications strategy, public relations, marketing, and social media

Email: [email protected]


YouTube Channel: Luefras TV

#indieartist #saxophonist #music #gospel #jazz #smoothjazz #luefras #luefrastv

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Saxophonist Luefras Is Redefining Love
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