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"Slatt Christmas" by Lil Duo out Now

Available on All Platforms

New song "Slatt Christmas" out now on all platforms.

Link to Slatt Christmas

Originally from Pleasanton, California, Lil Duo, an Asian American rapper currently residing in Bristol, CT has recently dropped a new single for the first time on all streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Tidal, Deezer, etc.) titled "Slatt Christmas," which talks about making music from the car to the basement to "leveling up" with his brothers and friends. Having started rapping in early March of 2018, he dropped five tracks on Soundcloud as well as a Plug Walk remix on Youtube. His songs include "Crossed Lines," "NBAYoungDuo" (a remix of NBAYoungBoat), "Endless Nights," "Who Run It" (Gherbo Remix), and "Getting Lit." Though not usually a vocalist, he plans on making more songs that involve a combination of rapping and singing. With a busy schedule, "Slatt Christmas" is Lil Duo's first release since May of 2018 with the song "Getting Lit."

Specifically, there are references to drinking premium water, smoking boof, nice cars, girls and hopes of one day being known to the whole world. All of this for his family. In reference to girls he is down to get a girl if she's bad enough but only if she's loyal. He has no time for hoes. Catchy lines like "If you ain't in the picture, get out of the frame" are great uses of wordplay by the up and coming artist. Lil Duo would say that a lot of his influences come from growing up in Long Island at one point and a majority from Bristol where he attended public school and has a mix of West and East Coast slang. He was also an athlete prior to college playing soccer, swimming at one point, and most notably a track athlete where he ran as a sprinter and mid distance runner. He hopes that one day he will make it and that "all his brothers will truly eat."

Teased in a snippet earlier this month, the song has officially dropped on Christmas (12/25/2018). The beat was produced by BlackMayo who has also produced for the likes of Lil Mosey and Ugly God; songs like "Pull Up" have been among notable songs (over 20 million views on YouTube). There are references to family and high class fashion, throughout the song.

Use the link provided above to stream his new single now. He also mentioned on his Instagram that he has plans to drop an EP/album in 2019, his first one. Currently, he remains an independent artist and a graduate of Bristol Central High School, he attends college in Boston. Though not fully committed to the game quite yet, he has plans to focus on making more music, more consistently. He says that he may have finally found a good balance between school and rapping. But who knows, depending on what the future holds, this could be his main focus; he would say that it is definitely a dream that he would not mind pursuing. 

The lyrics to the song are also available on Genius for more depth on the words he uses. His socials outside of Instagram (@lilduoo) include his Twitter (@lilduoo). He dreams of getting a collaboration with Lil Skies one day in the near future inspired by songs like Nowadays and Red Roses. He also is a fan of Trippie Redd and songs like "Love Scars" and "Dark Knight Dummo" with a feature from Travis Scott. He also has respect for JuiceWrld and the versatility he has shown this year with features with Kodak Black and A-Boogie recently. 

His Soundcloud is @lilduo and as of now he is currently on vacation/winter break. He can be contacted at [email protected] for any inquiries.

Slatt Christmas (Youtube)

Insta: Lilduoo

Twitter: Lilduoo

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"Slatt Christmas" by Lil Duo out Now
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