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Songs That You Need on Your Summer Playlist

Good Vibes Only!

Summer is finally here, and with summer comes the best new hits that will be all over the radio for the next few months. Here's a few picks that you may not find on the radio. Some old, some new, and hopefully some you've never heard before. I promise they will give you the perfect vibes for those specific moments that make up what summer's all about.  

'Waves' - Miguel (Tame Impala Remix)

This is the song you've been needing without knowing it. Imagine your perfect summer day is coming to an end, and you're driving the long-haul home under the stars. There's a feeling, and this song embodies it. Tame Impala's electric touch on the tune will literally put you in a dream-like wave. Listen.

'Lose My Cool' - Amber Mark

Talk about cool vibes. This takes a somewhat tropical turn with the rhythm. The combination of her earthy vocal tone and the build up to the beat drop will seriously make you want to lose your cool... in a chill way. There is something so unique yet simple about this one that will get anyone groovin'. Listen.

'Super Rich Kids' - Frank Ocean

You don't need to be a Super Rich Kid for this song to make you feel like one. Roll down your windows, throw your shades on, and take a step into the world of the American dream described by Frank as destructive yet addictive. This song will truly make you feel like a bad-ass while cruising down what you can imagine is Fifth Avenue. Listen.

'Loving Is Easy' - Rex Orange County

We're turning back the clock with this classic sounding tune. Rex Orange County has found the perfect mix of an old-time feel while still being incredibly hip. It's nothing but a feel good song that puts you at ease. So chill outside with an iced beverage of your choice, lay back, and listen. Although loving someone may not always be easy, loving this song is!

'New Light' - John Mayer

This new single (that has blown up recently) has let John Mayer reach new heights of cool. So simple, so catchy, and such a bop for this summer. In this song, John has caught the attention of such a different and younger type of audience with this new groovy pop tune. Perfect for chilling, driving, or chilling while driving. Listen.

P.S. Don't miss out on watching his ridiculously amazing music video for the song -> New Light (Premium Content)... Seriously, it is premium content. 

'Kids In Love' - Kygo ft. The Night Game

This type of playlist wouldn't be complete without a summer love song that really puts you in your feels. There's a sense of inspiration that one gets when listening to this one. There's a mix of wanting to cry while feeling that you could take on the entire world, and that love will truly save the day... At least your summer fling will. Warning: If single, this song may cause a sudden urge to get in a relationship right away. Listen.

'September' - Earth, Wind & Fire

Although the song title itself isn't a summer month, everyone needs a tune that everyone and their grandparents can dance and sing a-long to. If you meet someone who doesn't know this song... well, I don't think you will. This is only one of the many classics that is the perfect song to get everyone moving. Every playlist needs one of these bad boys. Listen.

I hope you enjoy and add these songs to your playlist this summer 2018!

Let me know what you think, and if there are any summer essentials that I'm missing. 

P.S. These are only a few of my top choices. If you want other suggestions check out my Spotify playlist -> Summertime.

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Songs That You Need on Your Summer Playlist
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