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Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Songs That Changed My Life: Part 2
Hello one and all. The continuation of my good buddy Calvin Houston "Oates" Cherry's personalized 'list.
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Thanksgiving 2017
Hello, one and all. So, Thanksgiving Day is upon us and I felt that if there's anything to be thankful in this life, it's music. It's always been a true blessing in my life and I figured a 'list of th...
Hidden Treasures: Discovering New Gems in Music
Do you ever find yourself getting tired of the same old playlists? Turning your radio on and hearing the same overplayed songs? Would you like to find new music or discover new artists? If so, you hav...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Songs That Changed My Life – Part 1
Hello, one and all. This is a 'list compiled solely by my good buddy, Calvin Houston Cherry, whom I've affectionately nicknamed "Oates." Enjoy, and there's more coming.
Adam Wallacea year ago
Silver Linings Playlist: Arlo Guthrie
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I find the best of the maligned and forgotten. My family has several traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving, ranging from the huge spread of sweet bre...
Jacob Elyachara year ago
The Definitive Elton John Cover Playlist
Recently, Sir Elton John returned to Broadway to help The Lion King celebrate its 20th anniversary with a rousing rendition of “Circle of Life.” Hundreds of artists over the years have paid homage to ...
Emily a year ago
The Ultimate Aux Cord Playlist
If you’re like me, when someone hands you the aux cord, your playlist can go from rap to country to rock to pop and end up anywhere in between. I’ve created this playlist of 50 songs for people like m...
Chloe Gilholya year ago
Awesome Versions Of Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do'
Taylor Swift's single, "Look What You Made Me Do," became the most watched music video in 24 hours with the most plays in a single day on Spotify. It also topped a lot of music charts all around the world. The song shows a change in Taylor Swift as opposed to the sweet country girl she started off as. Apparently this song samples "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred. I had no idea about this and I've listened to both songs a lot of times and I have failed to see where this has been sampled. I'm sur...
Carlos Gonzaleza year ago
The 'List: Halloween Musicthon
Hello, one and all, and.... boo! So, my buddy Calvin "Oates" Cherry and I have been dealing with work and some personal issues, which is why our 'lists have been a little slow to come lately. November...
Dylan Thomasa year ago
Five Songs You Need To Download ASAP!
Music is like a second language to me. It's very rare for me not to be wearing earphones and bobbing my head like a lunatic in public. If you're into very underground music or songs from famous artist...
Songs to Savor
I don't know about you, but I listen to music practically 24/7. I enjoy having a soundtrack to my day, something to keep my story driving on. Whether it be listening to "Sh Boom" while cooking pasta, ...
Carlos Gonzalez2 years ago
The 'List: 80s Movie Hits
Hello one and all. So, here we are! A "new" 'list. My buddy Calvin 'Oates' Cherry and I have been forthright about our passion for music and here is a new format now. In this 'list, we won't just prof...
Carlos Gonzalez2 years ago
George Glenn Jones: Hell Raiser. Country Music Advocate. Legend.
No country singer holds a legacy quite like George Jones. Born on September 12, 1931, in Saratoga, Texas, he was a significant country musician, singer, and songwriter. He reached international fame, ...
Carlos Gonzalez2 years ago
8EEZ Playlist: Richard Marx
"It don't mean nothin' till you sign it on the dotted line" Hello again and welcome to our little fun 'list. This artist is a "cherry pick" indeed. My buddy Calvin "Oates" Cherry has seen this artist ...
Carlos Gonzalez2 years ago
8EEZ Playlist: U2
"It's alright, it's alright, it's alright. She moves in mysterious ways." Hello, one and all. This one's a special list, as it profiles a band that both my BFF, Oates, and I love. They're a band from ...
Carlos Gonzalez2 years ago
8EEZ Playlist: Huey Lewis and the News
Hi-hooooo! Hi-hooooo! Okay, enough of that. Too much "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" on the brain. Time to get back to business - of music, that is. All throughout the decades, there was always a mu...
Adam Wallace2 years ago
Silver Linings Playlist: Lionel Richie
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I find the positives in maligned pop culture. Success can be very fickle for musical acts, and it can also make absolutely no sense. How can any musicia...