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dylan davis5 months ago
How to Promote Your Music the Right Way
In today's world where social media is the easiest way to connect with fans, promoting your music as a musician has become easier than ever. You no longer need a label to promote your new releases for...
Jaden Bricker10 months ago
Youtube Covers Suck
With the incredible achievement that is internet entertainment, there comes opportunities for some quality content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. With the same opportunity that brings light to ...
Judy Maea year ago
Hate-Following Might Be the Next Career Boost for Celebs
Don’t lie about it—there have or had been some people on your social media feed whose posts really get on your nerve, but instead of unfollowing them, you would share that post with your friends (who ...
Charlee Jugginsa year ago
Most Under-Rated and Upcoming Rappers
We are half way through 2018 as we know it and music has really come along way if you think about it, especially the Rap Genre. Now, I may have only been born in 1999 and most of you could really say ...
Music With Macka year ago
Apple Music vs. Spotify
The long-waited debate of Apple Music vs Spotify has arrived. I have been a user of both Apple Music and Spotify and here is my review over both apps and the pros and cons of each. I took five separat...
Airess Kim2 years ago
Top 10 BTS Songs You Have to Hear
As someone that has followed BTS heavily since debut in June 2013, I understand how overwhelming it can be for those that want to get into BTS but don't know where to start. That's why I'm here to kic...
Tisha Eaton2 years ago
90s R&B Meets Disney
Todrick Hall, Disney fanatic and Youtuber, has done it again with another amazing Disney inspired video, featuring Shoshana Bean, who played Elphaba in WICKED, making a perfect mix of 90s R&B with som...
Victor Trammell2 years ago
SoundCloud Avoids a Total Shutdown
One of the biggest digital music sharing platforms in the world was able to prevent itself from totally going under due to some last minute business decisions. The Industry Observer reported on Friday...
Sadé Sanchez2 years ago
#OverloadMondays: News from Rae Sremmurd, Dave East, A$AP Mob, and More
So, here's what happened within the past week (7/31 - 8/6).
Corey Gittleman2 years ago
Musicians Who Became Famous Through YouTube
With the abundance of bands, solo artists, rappers, DJs, and singing groups, there is a massive amount of musicians that one would have to surpass to climb their way onto the top music charts. And if that seems hard enough to get onto the charts, imagine how hard it is to get your name and music out there so people will begin to listen and appreciate the music that you have created. There are millions of people that put themselves out there and post their own videos on YouTube. Whether you rap, ...
Ninfa Bi2 years ago
Rihanna Takes Revenge On Love
Rihanna (29) finally found love. The Barbadian beauty fell in love with Hassan Jameel (29), a Saudi mogul. Before finding the perfect man for her, RiRi suffered many disappointments of love. The major...
Sadé Sanchez2 years ago
#OverloadMondays: Kendrick Releases New Visual, Jay Z Drops 4:44, and More
Okay so here's what happened last week (6/26-7/2). I go back into the week before because there were some releases I missed that should be covered.
Robby Tal2 years ago
Best CandyRat Records Live Guitar Performances
If you've ever been down the rabbit hole of "Best Guitar Solos" or "Acoustic Guitar Videos" YouTube searches, you've watched a CandyRat Records artist's video, whether you think you have or not. Lesse...
The Ticket2 years ago
A Modern Day Renaissance Man
Earlier this week I was reading up on the Renaissance for my Western World history class. The era’s prominent characters are now referred to as “Renaissance Men”: A person with many talents or areas o...
Liam Stirzaker2 years ago
The First Quarter Of 2017 in Music!
So, the first quarter of 2017 is over and quite frankly we've been graced with some fantastic music already in the early stages of the year. Here are some awesome albums you definitely need to check o...
Sky Vettel2 years ago
Sky Vettel's 'Sin From a New Perspective'
A Native New Yorker, electronic musician Sky Vettel is creating what she calls "concept music" - pieces which evoke imagery, emotions, new thoughts and feelings. "Isn't that pretty much all music? Unl...
Brett Hogan2 years ago
Broken Record Part 1
As you know, album sales for the mainstream music industry peaked in 1995-1999. The decline since has been epic. This has been largely blamed on piracy and a transition to digital media, but is this d...
Jacqueline Jax3 years ago
Building Your Music Brand With Instagram Niche Marketing
Watch the video... You may not realize it but there are people building huge brands on instagram. This little app is amazingly powerful and so easy to use. In fact, right now it’s one of fastest growi...