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The First Quarter Of 2017 in Music!

Had a busy few months? Not had chance to check out the latest rock music. Don't worry I've got your back!

So, the first quarter of 2017 is over and quite frankly we've been graced with some fantastic music already in the early stages of the year. Here are some awesome albums you definitely need to check out (if you haven't already) from the first quarter of the year.

Palisades - Palisades

After they dropped Fall in 2016, New Jersey based Post-Hardcore band Palisades kept us eagerly awaiting quite a long time for this stunning release in January, and it was more than worth the wait! - 9.0/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Let Down," "Memories," "Better Chemicals"

The Menzingers - After The Party

American Punk Rock band The Menzingers LP After The Party more than lived up to the hype that surrounded the album before this absolute belter was released, a beautifully crafted album from start to finish - 9.0/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Tellin' Lies," "Charlie's Army," "Your Wild Years"

Dryjacket - For Posterity

I can't even describe how excited I was for the release of this album from unique pop punkers Dryjacket. For Posterity deserves every ounce of recognition it's had in the last few months. Breathtaking album. - 8.5/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Misused Adrenaline," "Two Toasters," "Epi Pen Pals"

Mallory Knox - Wired

I've been a fan of British Alt Rock 'nice guys' Mallory Knox for quite a long time now and I personally think they did a stunning job with Wired with a more daring and heart on your sleeve approach, discussing depression openly and getting so much respect from fans for this brilliant piece of music. Well done Mallory Knox. - 8.0/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Falling In Love," "Better Off Without You," "For You"

Lower Than Atlantis - Safe In Sound

Lower Than Atlantis had a lot to live up to after their self titled album from 2014 did so amazingly well. Although Safe In Sound didn't (for me) quite surpass their previous album it is still a very entertaining listen. So many highlights from this album and it's definitely a "grower" the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it. - 8.0/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Long Time Coming," "Dumb," "Money"

Gardenside - Gardenside EP

Five charming and highly contagious songs were all it took for me to fall in love with Gardenside. There's not much more to say. It's awesome, emotionally driven pop-punk at its absolute finest, a big future awaits these guys. - 9.0/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Whatever We Do," "Racecar Bed," "Into It (feat. Dan Lambton)"

Hearts Like Lions - If I Never Speak Again

I expected a great album from HLL but when I listened to If I Never Speak Again for the first time I was shocked as to how amazing it actually was! The Californian four piece massively impressed with this sublime album. It's so intense and instantly attractive. It was straight to the top of my scrobbles after just a few days. A massive contender for album of the year. - 9.5/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Make Your Move," "Thank You Very Little," "Opportunities"

Can't Swim - Fail You Again

Released late in the first quarter this album for me is simply perfection. Playing with light and shade, ups and downs, emotionally wounding you and then making you scream out the lyrics in such an angsty yet joyous way. LoPorto's vocals shine, his voice is absolutely limitless it seems, it can sound so soft and then all of a sudden it breaks into this breathtakingly, beautiful roar! An amazing and ridiculously addictive album from the beginning to the very last track! - 10/10

Top 3 Tracks - "Friend," "Quitting," "Stranger"

The first quarter of the year has been energetic and really exciting! Let's hope for another few amazing months!! Here are some other notable tracks and albums from the first quarter of the year.

All Time Low - "Dirty Laundry/Last Young Renegade"

Slaves - "I'd Rather See Your Star Explode"

Hawking - "Broken Glass"

The Maine - "Black Butterflies and Deja vu"

Lady - "Good Girls"

Aquasun - "Basement"

Decade - "Can't Figure You Out"

Have Mercy - "Coexist"

Knuckle Puck - "Calendar Days/Indecisve"

Creeper - "Eternity In Your Arms"

Sorority Noise - "Your Not As _____ As You Think"

Senses Fail - "In Your Absence"

As It Is - "Okay"

Deaf Havana - "All These Countless Nights"

You Me At Six - "Night People"

Ocean Grove - "The Rhapsody Tapes"

I'm sure there are plenty that I've missed and you guys love, so let me know :) I'd love to hear from you!

Liam @ Noiseflashmusic

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The First Quarter Of 2017 in Music!
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