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The Girls Are Back in Town!

The Spice Girls

Girl power is back.

I sometimes think people forget just how huge the Spice Girls were, and what they achieved. For a 90s teenager, like myself, these girls were incredible. They installed in us that anything is possible, as a woman you could achieve your dreams. They spread their message of Girl Power, and rightly achieved gigantic success all around the world.

They were everywhere. I remember walking into Woolworths and a whole isle was full of Spice Girls merchandise. They had hit after hit. Tour after tour. Everything the girls touched turned to gold. This was at the time when Brit Pop was at its peak, we hadn't seen anything like the Spice Girls before: Fresh, new, and the one priceless asset, they were likable.

They gave us ladies strong role models to look up to with their happy music and strong women attitude. Music aside, we could look to them for fashion, makeup tips, and hairstyle influences. Mel B, Victoria, Emma, Mel C, and Geri installed a glow in us which has never left us, and I am delighted the girls are back on tour. Though no Victoria, which is a shame.

Global Success

Spice Mania

In a time when the country is currently not all a bed of roses, we need some Spice Girls back in our lives with their happy vibe, fun personalities, and to spread their nostalgia of 90s music.

Their success has never been equalled. With the crown of the most successful girl band in history ever still firmly on their heads, it's time for them to shine again, and without a doubt collect a whole new generation of fans in the process.

Bursting onto the scene in the summer of 1996 with the hit song "Wannabe," which went to number one in 37 countries, global success soon followed, selling millions of records worldwide. Spice Mania was in full force—with their presence being compared to Beatle Mania.

I first saw the Spice Girls performing on Top of he Pops, singing "Wannabe" from Japan. I instantly loved the song: Catchy, upbeat, and uplifting. To see an all-girl band was so different, inspiring, and exciting. Their energy and enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air.

They each had their own personalities and uniqueness. Top of the Pops gave the girls nicknames that stuck: Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty, and everybody had to have a favourite, mine being Baby Spice, Emma.

Their merchandise included clothing, body sprays, badges, stationary, crisps, photos, posters, and dolls. They made a film, Spiceworld, opened Channel 5, did an incredible An Audience With, completed an American tour, and that is a mere taster of their popularity because Spice took over the world!


Friendship never ends.

Now in their 40s and mothers, we can take this as yet another inspiration. They are all working mothers, juggling work life and home life. Each pursuing separate careers, and all shining in their chosen paths. But together is when they are at their most powerful, girls united, and in the words of Emma,

"You can still be a strong female and wear makeup and a wonder bra." 

The strength and unity of togetherness is power. Having a voice is power. Standing strong is power. They even sacked their manager, to be in complete control of the band in the 90s. The girls went it alone, stronger than ever.

So here we are with the girls set to spread their magic upon us again, like glitter and sunshine. I am delighted. It takes me back to my teenage years, back to the fond memories of the 90s, to relive those carefree days. To have the band back fills me with joy. We don't want to see teenage girl bands now! A lady girl band for us ladies in our 30s is just what we need, and the Spice Girls yet again fill that role perfectly.

Let's enjoy this new Spice era. Another chapter. Remember what they have achieved; these girls came from nothing and took the world by storm. Be proud of these girls because these girls from England became superstars. Welcome back the Spice Girls, and long may they reign.

Hayley Dodwell
Hayley Dodwell

I am a freelance writer. As well as Vocal, I have also written articles for numerous websites, including, Eighties Kids, WhatCulture, Child Of The 1980's, Online Book Club, GoNOMAD Travel, Hubpages, and ScreenHub Entertainment.

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The Girls Are Back in Town!
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