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To​ Kanye West

We Want Someday, Too.

In June of 2018, Kanye West released his album Ye. The album covered lots of personal subjects, such as his mental health, his views on women, and his dark thoughts. 

Since then, there have been so many controversial views of West. We all know by now that Kanye says his own thing and does his own thing without hesitation. He has done so many things this year to defy the societal norm, and to me, it's about damn time. 

I see so many big names and celebrities ride the wave of society, and distract from reality with lip kits and designer bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bag and clothes and all of that, but with everything going on in the world in this day in age, I know that if I had the voice and the power that these celebrities have, I’d be saying the same things as Kanye. If you take a step back, his ideas not only are accurate but also, in my opinion, would change society for the better. We have to look at the big picture of it all. 

I keep watching the video of West in the TMZ office and each time I just cry. It's such a relief, seeing someone talk over all the bullshit and look at the big picture, look at all of us. Yes, he has some opinions that I personally do not 100-percent agree with, but I don't think anyone has the same exact opinions as anyone else. That's what makes humans so great, that's why we have created such a beautiful world for ourselves. But we need to step back for a minute. West is trying to start a revolution, to love. It’s as simple as that. We all want love, it’s 2018, and with all of the violence and shootings and people against people, love is the only thing that's going to get us through. I am a 20-year-old college student. I know that for my generation and the generations that follow us, we have a lot of shit to fix. I’m SICK of seeing breaking news alerts on my phone, "Guess what Kylie Jenner is wearing today?" Who the fuck cares what she's wearing. That's not paying my bills, or telling me how I, one of millions of people on this Earth, can make a change to this world. 

I'm just surprised that we, the people, the ones who make the world what it is, have let it get this far. I want to see stuff that matters. I want to see headlines that better all of us. I want to see a cure for cancer. I want to see a new education system, one that teaches us how to balance our checkbooks, how to finance a mortgage, how to save money. I want to see people smile, strangers hug it out, people going out of their way to help one another. What the hell happened to us that made a shoe line or whatever materialistic crap a better headline than saving a life or a societal breakthrough? To me, West is trying to push us, get us out of this wave and onto something that matters, that can change the future for not only us but our kids, and their kids and so on. Someone needs to do it. So THANK YOU Kanye, and I hope and pray that his light will shine brighter every day, that day by day society transforms into something groundbreaking, positive and new. Into some 22nd century shit. 

If you're out there and sick of this societal norm, just listen to the album, let it inspire you, let it start your new wave. 

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To​ Kanye West
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