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Why Everyone Should Listen to the Aces

Everyone’s New Favorites for 2019!

From Left to Right: Katie Henderson, Cristal Ramirez, Makenna Petty, and Alisa Ramirez

If you haven’t heard of the Aces, an all-girl electronic indie pop group, well, today is your lucky day!

The Aces were formed by four best friends growing up in Provo, Utah: Cristal Ramirez (lead vocals, guitar), Alisa Ramirez (drummer), Makenna Petty (bass), and Katie Henderson (lead guitar, vocals).

Despite the girls banding in 2008, the Aces received a bigger following than ever before when they attended 5 Seconds of Summer’s North American leg of the Meet You There Tour in 2018. However, this leaves a lot of new listeners thinking about how they hadn’t heard these amazing girls before their support from the Youngblood artists.

These ladies pack a lot of punch delivering you bop after bop on their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic, and they pack an even bigger punch as performers. Their high energy opening set for 5SOS had hundreds of fans across the nation jamming out and falling in love with them way before the main event even went on. For me, that was enough to get me invested. Who doesn’t love a little glitter and some electric guitar? (Not to mention the outfits!)

Their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic is an epic story of the power of female and how to persevere during breakups (between lovers and friends alike) with bangers like “Fake Nice” and “Last One,” but also shows a more vulnerable side to that “volcanic” heart with songs like “Hurricane” and “Just Like That.”

Amidst all of this rising fame and constantly working on tour preparations, merchandise designing and more importantly, writing and producing new music, the group constantly shows fans just how close and strong their friendships all are. During their multiple (and fun) Instagram live stories, the Aces make you feel like you also grew up with them! They are constantly thanking and reminding fans how much they mean to the group and just how important the fanbase is in making everything happen, calling them “Ace Faces” and “Moguls,” which they also—quite often—use to refer to themselves.

The ladies of the Aces never skip a beat and make it a point to give you good, wholesome content. Their previous EP I Don’t Like Being Honest has ultra album-worthy bops as well. It will be exciting to see these gals perform a larger set on their own headlining tour.

Their different styles come together to create a stellar pedestal for themselves, attracting fans of all interests! The Aces are truly more than a band, but clearly a family, especially with Cristal and Alisa’s mom being their “momager.” They keep the values of friendship and family close at heart with their rise to fame.

A band that is unapologetically themselves and honest with their fanbase and all listeners in general is something I will always appreciate and get behind. The Aces just keep it real, and I hope they stay that way with the predicted (and well-deserved) success that will come their way.

The lovely ladies of the Aces have hit the road again this month on their own headlining tour, the Waiting For You Tour, that will be going across the nation throughout the spring, and believe me, you won’t want to miss this! These women are self-made MOGULS—as they would so like to call it. I expect them to own 2019 with new music, new fans, and maybe even some new collaborations in the future! Don’t be surprised when you find their stellar vocals and funky bass lines in your Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist!

So what are YOU waiting for? Check them out on Apple Music and Spotify, and add a little sugar, spice, and everything nice to your playlist this year!

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Why Everyone Should Listen to the Aces
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