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3 Reasons to Start Working on Your Guitar Technique
2 days ago
What kind of musician are you? Are you the person who comes home from doing whatever you do, and you play your guitar as a way to decompress from the day? Or are you the person who wakes up and picks ...
Should You Go to Music School?
16 days ago
This is a topic that A LOT of musicians talk about. I have been involved in both crowds: Academically trained musicians AND musicians who have just put the time in and do it themselves. Both have thei...
Five Reasons You Should Start to Learn Music Theory
5 months ago
Music theory. Every self-taught musician's nightmare. If who I am describing sounds like who you are, then this article is exactly what you need. You've been playing music for a while now. You always ...
Why You Should Learn Alternate Tunings on the Guitar
6 months ago
We've covered where standard tuning comes from in my previous post (if you haven't had a chance to read it, here it is), and in all honesty, standard tuning is surprisingly important to being able to ...
Where Did 'Standard Tuning' Come From?
6 months ago
How long have you been playing guitar? Some people can't even remember that far back. But what if I asked you how long you've been playing in standard tuning? The largest collection of guitar music is...
5 Reasons to Start Playing an Ergonomic Guitar
6 months ago
Yes, we all know that if you aren't a true guitarist if you don't play one of the "Big Four" guitars (Strats, Teles, LPs and SGs). Well, I'm here to tell you that is 100 percent FALSE. In the last fiv...