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Bad Bentley January 2018 Mix

New year, New Music....

Ok, so last January I did a New Year's Eve mix while I was in Bali on tour with my other half. Beat had just launched and I swore I would do a mix every month. It was one of my precious New Year's resolutions, it lasted two and a half months.... I add the half because I DID do a March mix but it was for a completely different reason, so it didn't count. BAD Bentley. 

Anyway, this year I really AM going to (try) do a mix every month! I promise. I'll show you what I've been listening to that month, what I'm feeling, who's on it (old and new) and what genres I'm loving. Then I'll throw it all into between a 30 - 60 minute mash up and voila!

This month I've been listening to a lot of Future Bass (much like every month), Louis The Child is my absolute favourite find for the moment, I'm also completely obsessed with Australian producer Naderi, I've put two of his tracks in the mix, he's just THAT good. His sound design is something to be envied and this month I actually got production advice and critique from him on my own work. Which was amazing. I've opened with his collaboration with the legendary Alison Wonderland, covering Ed Sheeran's "Shape of U" with a future bass saw wave drop that makes me happy on the inside.

I'm also listening to a lot of D'n'B, it's pretty big here in the UK, I've been told not so much in America? But feel free to tell me I'm wrong! My other half produces A LOT of it, generally incredibly dark, nasty, hard stuff. So I do get to hear it often. I've thrown in some newish Culprate and some old school Preditah (duh), a track called "Major Happy" by Fred V and Grafix that I heard on Mel Clarke's monthly Podcast and fell in love with, a dirty track called "Nevermind," it that kind of reminds me of being 17 and going to house parties in places where you weren't sure if anyone actually lived there and if they did, you really pitied them. 

 There's some weird and wonderful dubstep, mainly from little known gems I have discovered on Soundcloud. I will be following this post up with a piece about new acts to follow on Soundcloud next week... so you guys can go check them all out for yourselves. 

Here is the tracklist for this months mix: 

Alison Wonderland & Naderi - "Shape of U" 

Beauz - "Away" (Feat. Aaron Lindt)

"Fiend" (I literally have no other info for this track and if anyone does please, please get at me on social media) 

Crystal Vision X TYNVN - "100" (VIP MIX) 

Fred V & Grafix - "Major Happy" (VIP)

Louis The Child - "Fire" (Feat. Evalyn)

Kicks N Licks - "LOCK" (Feat. Malcolm Anthony)

Alan Walker - "Sing Me To Sleep" 

Ed:it - "Nevermind it"

Theslythief - "Faded"

Volterix - "Pulsar"

Mija - "Secrets"

ZHU x Skrillex x THEY - "Nevermind it" (Naderi remix)

Blaster x Dirty Zblu - "The Plan" (Feat. Hemanifezt)

RL Grime - "Core" (Infuze remix)

Culprate - "Dawn" 

Preditah - "Selecta" (Dr Meaker remix)

And here it is, a mash up that I have created, involving all the above tunes. Enjoy!

For next month I'm thinking hip hop and trap... actually kinda like I did for Valentine's Day last year! But that one is actually my favourite mix I've ever done, but feel free to message me on twitter @Thebadbentley and let me know what you wanna hear! 

You can also check out my previous mixes via my website and stay tuned for my recommendations on new artists to follow on Soundcloud! (Hint - I will be putting myself in there too)

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Bad Bentley January 2018 Mix
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