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Never Underestimate the Power of Music

It can do wonders for the soul.

Music is one of those topics that sounds easy to talk about, but when it comes down to it, it leaves you speechless. Heck, it was difficult to write this article. It isn't one of those topics that you can research and find the answers to, because it's too complex for a definitive conclusion. Listeners and creators come to their own conclusions about music; it's individuality within it's own rights, it's powerful in it's own unique way, but how does music exhibit such power in 3 minutes or more? I’ve come up with a few reasons why music shouldn’t be underestimated for it’s power down below…

The Emotion it Makes You Want to Feel

It's one of those things that makes people feel, even when they refuse to; it's eye-opening and terrifying all at the same time. If anything, it makes you aware of your inner emotion, so you can do something about it. This could mean changing that one sad song to a happy song, or switching the happy song to an angry song so you can cry and feel better about crying. There is music for every emotion, especially with the invention of playlists provided by music platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music, so you can pick and choose depending on your mood.

(Fact: Scientists have proven that Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" is the happiest song to ever be recorded; if you're ever happy or sad, give it a listen.)

Therapy on Your Terms

Music is therapy. It's that simple. Music is a form of free therapy. When the realism of the universe starts to suffocate you, it's worth plugging in your earphones and letting the music ensnare your senses; all judgement is thrown out of the window. That's what I find works for me. Find what genre works for you, what draws you in the most and blast it—block out the world, ground yourself for the sake of your mental health. With music, you're never alone.

(The genre that works for me the most is chilled out RnB or smooth jazz, but everyone has different tastes.)

One Thing at a Time

I found that music is a type of “brain food”; it is known to help you concentrate, especially instrumentals and classical music (even though Stephen King listens to rock music for writing inspiration). Music gives you the ability to focus your energy onto whatever you need to do, whether it’s studying, reading or writing. It is probably the best and suitable distraction. For me, the Stranger Things instrumental soundtracks help me read; the relaxing, extra-terrestrial vibes can be much more soothing than songs with lyrics.


It can bring anyone back to their time. Elvis Presley can take certain people back to a time where they could go into any diner and dance to it on a jukebox with their teenage dream; Ms. Lauryn Hill can take certain people back to a time where they could chill on a park with their friends and ride their bikes. The best part is introducing this type of nostalgia into this generation's ears, too, so they can fully understand the change in music overtime and grow to enjoy the real meaning of #ThrowbackThursday.

So, to clarify: music is a mood ring, a portable therapist, a study buddy and a time capsule for the world's ears. For something that's interchangeable, it keeps it's values the same and I've never known anything to be this powerful.

"People say that music isn't worth anything anymore, but imagine how different the world would be if suddenly all the music went silent." - Rivers Cuomo

(Hope you enjoyed this ode to the power of music. If you enjoyed it, leave a tip!)

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Never Underestimate the Power of Music
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