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Pop Vocal Artist Christina Grimmie

You'll love her when you listen!

Christina Grimmie at her final concert in Orlando, Florida on June 10th, 2016.

Christina Victoria Grimmie, ring a bell? You might have heard of her from YouTube as zeldaxlove64; or you might have heard of her on season 6 of The Voice! However, if you haven't heard of her, you're missing out... seriously! Let me explain in a few ways on how and why you're missing out on such an amazing and talented person!

First, I better give you a little backstory on Christina. Christina Grimmie was born on March 12, 1994 in Voorhees, New Jersey to Tina and Albert "Bud" Grimmie. She has an older brother, Marcus, who's also musically talented! Her whole life she has always loved to sing — her mother even said as a baby she la-la-la'ed! Her father spoke a few times before about how she really got an interest in piano around the age of 4. Fun fact: She took lessons, but after she mostly played by ear! She first started on YouTube in 2009 with covers, but by 2014 she went on ABC's The Voice and auditioned with "Wrecking Ball" (originally sung by Miley Cyrus). She got all four judges to turn their chairs and she chose Coach Adam Levine. She eventually placed third and went on to tour until she passed on June 10, 2016.

Okay, now for the reasons! One way you're missing out by not listening to Christina's music is you won't find a more genuine person. Christina was never in it for the money. She was truly born to sing. She has stated her goal in life was to inspire people and get her music out there for someone to really connect with it and really feel the emotions. She had many songs, for example, "With Love," that really tugs on your heartstrings. She was very passionate about singing and would often sing no matter where she was — in the shower, in the car, making breakfast, anywhere and anytime that you can think of! She was an amazing friend to have and you could always rely on her no matter what.

Another reason is because she was unselfish and actually cared for her fans (or as she called it, "frands"). After every show she had, no matter how many people were there or how late it was, she made it her mission to stay and meet every single person that was there. She would take goofy pictures, sign autographs, and even get to know that person for the short five minutes she had with each of them. If someone tweeted her on Twitter that needed advice, she would reply back to them with some encouraging words. She greeted everyone with open arms no matter who they were. She never cared if she had name brand clothing or if she had the latest fashion, she was just a laid-back gamer girl.

The final reason, even though I could go on and on, that you are missing out on such a beautiful person is her amazing lyrics. She didn't just pay off someone to write her songs for her — she would write them or collaborate with someone else. She would write from life experiences. For example, she spoke to a fan and said "The Game" was written about a "stupid boy" who broke her heart and played her. Her lyrics will always have a huge effect on people, especially songs that have certain meanings behind it. "With Love" was written for her "frands" and for her father, which makes it so much more important than you realize.

I learned about Christina back in 2011 on YouTube and instantly fell in love with her. I know if you took the time out to listen to a cover or even one of her original songs, you'd love her, too. She was the most kind, happy, energetic, and fun-loving person you could ever be around. She left behind many reasons to miss her, but so many reasons to love her.

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Pop Vocal Artist Christina Grimmie
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