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Sia Posts Nude Shot, Says "Everyday Is Christmas"

Singer posts image, rumored to be of her, to avoid photographer selling it, promos Christmas album at same time.

While (hopefully) not many of us are caught in the compromising position of having an unwanted nude photo floating around in the ether, I can only hope that I'm as brave as Sia in confronting the photographer.

"Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans," she said, via Twitter. "Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!"

As a celebrity, Sia is no doubt aware of the inherent risks of being in a place with little to no clothing on.  Several have been caught in various states of undress by the paparazzi over the years, and it would seem that Sia is no exception.  However, rather than waiting to see if the photographer would actually post the image for sale — and judging from the watermark and the comment that there are other images for sale, the photographer has already posted the image — she decided to take matters into her own hands and post the image herself, likely taking a significant bite out of any potential profits that the photog might make.

What is impressive, however, is the fact that the Australian singer also chose to take that moment and plug her forthcoming Christmas album, Everyday Is Christmas, due out November 17.  In tweeting the image with the comment "Everyday is Christmas," Sia not only suggests that offering up the image of (allegedly) herself for free is a gift — which would be quite true, given the photographer is wanting to charge money for said image — but she takes advantage of what could be an embarrassment and spins it to her benefit.

In fact, Sia could actually get in trouble for posting the image in the first place, according to the paparazzo who took the image owns the photo, he holds copyright, and that means that Sia could have potentially opened herself up to legal trouble, should the photographer decide to pursue it, even though the image is allegedly of Sia herself.

Over the time since Sia first became a Top 40 recording artist, she has become known for her varied wigs which are designed to cover her face — a move she has said in the past was designed to offer her some degree of privacy and to help her avoid a celebrity lifestyle. There's little doubt that the nude photo that is allegedly of her stings, given her apparent desire to maintain her privacy, but she should be commended for her efforts in confronting the paparazzo for taking the photo in the first place.

Sia's presence has moved into the animated realm as well; she recently penned and performed music for My Little Pony: The Movie in addition to portraying the character Songbird Serenade from the film. She also has notched cameos in the updated version of Annie in 2014 and has directed her first film, Sister, about a drug dealer and his autistic sister, due out in 2018.

In the wake of Sia posting the nude photo on Twitter, several people have responded, praising Sia for posting the image.

@ThePerezHilton (yes, that Perez Hilton) tweeted, "This tweet is instantly legendary."

"If anyone ever threatens to expose my nudes I'm definitely just going to follow Sia and post them myself because that was so powerful," wrote @megandelrey.

Whether the photographer who snapped the shot of Sia makes any money from posting his images or not, Sia has undoubtedly made the far more powerful statement, and captured hearts everywhere for her strength.  Celebrity does carry with it some negatives, the invasion of privacy being one of them, but that does not give paparazzi the right to take and disseminate nude photos of the celebrity in question.  Kudos to Sia for taking a stand and being the stronger person.

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Sia Posts Nude Shot, Says "Everyday Is Christmas"
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