70s music

The 1970s were all about sex, drugs and rock and roll; Beat welcomes you to our Disco Inferno.

John Compton - To Luna
In these online days, it is not such a big problem to make a choice of what music you want to get. You can always find a preview or a video of a song, or even a whole album. The choice is easy. But in...
Matthew Frati2 years ago
Introducing The Jam
What if I told you there was a band that combined the best elements of three of the most influential English bands of the sixties, namely the mod sound and driving rhythm of The Who, the catchy melodi...
Eric Allen2 years ago
Donna Summer: “I Feel Love”
It's been 40 years since the world first heard the future of music when “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer shocked us into a new sonic awakening. The electronic masterpiece — composed by Summer along with ...