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Underground Female Rappers You Should Listen To

If the only female rapper you know is Nicki Minaj, you're missing out big time. Check out these ill underground female rappers you should listen to right now.

Even with female hip hop artists making millions right next to their male counterparts, it still seems like there is a shortage of dope female rappers. But there isn't. In fact, they're as common as great gangsta rap songs in the 90s.

There are few female rappers that get major mainstream attention, but there are dozens more underground female rappers you should listen to that already have substantial followings of their own. Once you start listening, you'll be confused as to why you've never heard of them before. 

Nyemiah Supreme

Before Nyemiah Supreme was a rapper, she was a backup dancer for artists such as Chris Brown and Lil' Mama. The New York-based rapper has gotten herself noticed in the hip hop scene with music videos featuring Timbaland and K CAMP. Her most recent EP was released in 2015, but she just put out "KITTY KAT Freestyle" earlier this year. 


Rapsody is one of the underground female rappers you should listen to because she's already been given props by Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller, who have both been featured on her tracks. She just put out a new full-length record this year called Laila's Wisdom, which has tracks featuring the likes of Busta Rhymes and Kendrick Lamar


Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy released her debut mixtape back in 2014, which earned her fans in the hip hop scene. Her debut album, Pregnant with Success, appeared at #37 on Rolling Stone's 40 Best Rap Albums of 2015. The artist hasn't released new material recently, but she has been touring and putting on shows for her followers. 


Rule of thumb? If she's rapped alongside YG and Drake, then she's one of the underground female rappers you should listen to. Kamaiyah's A Good Night in the Ghetto debuted in 2016 and her follow up, Before I Wake, was released little more than a month ago. Her low, matter-of-fact vocal style makes her unique amongst other rappers in her class. 

Sasha Go Hard

Sasha Go Hard does right by her name and spits harder than most female rappers you know. She's toured with and been produced by major artist, Diplo, and has been featured by major music outlets like BET, The Fader, and Pitchfork. And if you're like us and think on first listen, "Wow, she'd sound cool next to Kreayshawn," she's got you covered. The two female rappers did a collab for Sasha's Round 3 mixtape.

Cardi B

Cardi B is one of the underground female rappers you should listen to that you're actually starting to hear about in the mainstream hip hop scene. Her single "Bodak Yellow" has nearly 400 million plays on YouTube and has gotten a decent amount of radio play. If you have heard her on the radio lately, you've most likely been hearing her guest feature on G-Eazy's "No Limit."

Dai Burger

Dai Burger is kind of like the Melanie Martinez of the underground rap scene. She mixes bright colors, some edge, and a doll-like appearance. Everything she does is exaggerated, so she's one of the most entertaining female rappers to watch. Yeah, she's weird—but she loves it. 


Noname is one of the underground female rappers you should listen to if you love old school rap and hip hop. It's almost as if she was born in the wrong era; her funky, jazzy brand of rap throws it back to the 90s. What's cool about Noname is that she doesn't put on any act and doesn't try to be outrageous like other artists do. She's the kind of down-to-earth woman you'd love to be friends with. 

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is an emotionally powerful rapper. When she raps, you can here how sincere she is and that she's giving each word all she's got. This track featuring pop star Sia hits you where it hurts, but inspires at the same time. 

Haze also dropped a brand new track called "No Limits" this July. Like her other songs, it shows she's rock solid and stands tall. 


BIA is the most diverse out of all the underground female rappers you should listen to on this list. She can do gangsta rap on one end of a track and more gentle, pop-oriented melodies on the other. She has starred on the same track as Pharrell, the "Happy" man himself. The half-Italian, half-Puerto Rican finds herself quite at home when it comes to sound experimentation. 

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Underground Female Rappers You Should Listen To
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