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Untarnished Songs by Bands Who Are Over-Played on Radio

We all have those bands and artists who release awesome songs but are then ruined because of the mainstream radio. Here are some songs that weren't ruined from being played on loop on all radio stations

We all hate it when our favorite bands and artists become too "popular," and you become sick and tired of hearing the same song on every single radio station. Bands like Twenty-One Pilots and Imagine Dragons are victims of this. Some will stay true fans and still love all songs written by these artists, but I personally have stopped listening to the radio so that songs don’t become ruined by the Main Stream Radio Stations. Here are some of my top songs that have been untouched by those radio stations, by some of our favorite popular artists and bands.

'Rise Up' - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragon is one of the most over played bands on the radio right now. We have all heard songs like "Believer," "Thunder, and "On Top of the World" on repeat on the radio and can probably agree that they are over played.  This song is on their new album "Evolve" is one that not too many have heard, unless an avid listener to Imagine Dragons. I stopped listening to Imagine Dragons awhile back, but after this new album, I started to listen to some of the less popular songs again. 

'Man Who Never Lied' - Maroon 5

Remember the days of Maroon 5 before their super basic pop songs came out? Same. My mom was a hipster of Maroon 5 and was listening to Songs about Jane before anyone else. This song is off of the group's album Overexposed (probably the most overlooked album by the band). I would hope that all of you go check this album out now if you miss the sound of the old Maroon 5. This album was one of the last ones that have their original sound. 

'Hitchhiker' - Demi Lovato

I am a huge Demi fan, but I would definitely argue that her best songs are not on the radio right now, but that could be a good thing as well. This song is one of Demi's best right now, and is from her new album Tell Me You Love Me. Don't miss this gem, and take a listen to the rest of her music while you are at it. 

'My Oh My' - Macklemore

Macklemore swept the charts with songs such as "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love," but most people haven't heard this one by Macklemore, a song about where he grew up and sticking true to his home and where he was raised. We get a sense of his character and strive for success in this one. 

'I'll Be Waiting' - Adele

Adele has released three full-length albums and about seven of those songs have been ruined for me by playing over and over on the radio. BUT, this song is a bop and is so underrated. A more upbeat tune from her sophomore album 21, Adele showed us a side of her that should have been blessed to our ears sooner. 

I never enjoy when songs are ruined from being over played on the radio, and just because a song is over played doesn’t mean we should pass on the work artists and bands have blessed us with. It isn’t our fault when an artist or band has released work and it gets ruined because we have heard it one hundred times on the radio. I recommend looking into music by popular artists or bands, because you never know when you might find a hidden gem hiding within an album.

If you have any other suggestions for me, let me know! Hope you enjoyed some or all these songs. Make sure to support your local music scene ALWAYS and let the world know your favorite music. Let me know what music you want me to review next!

Keep checking back for more music updates and reviews on new music, up and coming bands, and so much more! Email me at [email protected] if you want me to check your music and band!

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Untarnished Songs by Bands Who Are Over-Played on Radio
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