Mackenzie Coberley

Student who loves anything and everything about the music world. Writing reviews and helping add songs to all your favorite playlists. Follow on social media; Instagram: @mackenziecoberley Twitter: @_ItsJustMack_ Snapchat: mackenzie.125

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Justin Timberlake: 'Man of the Woods' Review
2 days ago
After the 20/20 Experience release that Justin Timberlake made, Man of the Woods had mixed reviews and was claimed "average at best." Justin wanted to tie back to his Tennessee roots with this new alb...
51 Songs to Add to Your 'Feels' Playlist
8 days ago
Some days just get us down in the dumps. Music has always been my remedy to get me through a rough day. I do not have a specific playlist that I go to when I am sad, I usually just search for a song i...