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An Interview with Emerging Artist Oriel Poole
9 months ago
If you have yet to hear of the "electro-soul siren" Oriel Poole, you're in for a treat. Based in Los Angeles, California, Poole is carving a niche all her own with music that blends R&B, synth-pop, an...
Interview with LA-Based Punk Band Tarah Who?
2 years ago
Tarah G. Carpenter started this project as a solo artist in Los Angeles. A musical dynamo, Tarah's a songwriter with a harmonic voice and a three-fold mastery over drums, bass and guitar; all that, an...
Interview with Freddy Spera of Crejuvent, the One-Man Extreme Metal Band
2 years ago
Federico ‘Freddy’ Spera, of the one-man band Crejuvent, applies his idiosyncratic style to everything he touches; his distinctive, humorous and carefree disposition is obvious from the outset, both in...
Interview With Alt Indie Rock Band Plastic Barricades
2 years ago
What is this music about? As Plastic Barricades frontman Dan Kert explains it, so is the existential question that underlies each and every song the band creates. Based in North London, the alternativ...
Interview with Dutch Singer-Songwriter Alice France
2 years ago
Alice France is one of the newest girls to infiltrate the R&B and pop music scenes — and has since only continued to impress. She’s the kind of music artist that really puts herself into her music, an...
Interview with Electro-Folk Artist Sula Mae
2 years ago
Sula Mae is no stranger to the stage, though not for the reasons you might think. This beautiful British blonde was practically born into the music world; she attended her first rave at just three-wee...