C.C. Curtis

Enjoys lounging in NYC bars, loves traveling to foreign countries, and volunteers at the homeless shelter twice a month.

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Best Japanese Rappers You Can Listen to Right Now
a month ago
The music industry in Japan is very diverse compared to many other countries. While they're ideal in creating traditional music, they're also really popular in hip-hop. In fact, hip-hop is one of thei...
Best Music Documentaries on Netflix to Stream Right Now
2 months ago
Everyone starts from the bottom. Everyone. Many artists started from the bottom before they became hugely successful. They've gone through tough obstacles, major struggles, and much more that continuo...
Musicians Who Hate Their Fans
7 months ago
If you listen to music (if you don't, are you even human?), then you must have some favorite artists that you always jam out to. You become fond of their style in music genre and constantly stick to w...