E.W Hemmings

A teenage novelist/feminist/rock 'n' roll nerd from the UK. 

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In Defense of Bring Me the Horizon
15 days ago
Take a look at the comment section on anything related to Bring Me The Horizon on the internet, and you will find a fanbase at war. On one side is an army of fans who claim to be the "true fans" becau...
What I Learned From Chester Bennington's Death
2 months ago
Some of us are looking forward to Friday. Where I'm from, many schools are breaking up for the summer that day - it's a day to celebrate, to get excited, to dream up ideas for things to do to fill six...
The Problems With Streaming
2 months ago
We've come a hell of a long way from the days where only vinyl records and cassette tapes could be found in music shops. Remember when you had to listen to songs from track 1 to track 12 on albums? Or...
An Idiot's Guide to Pop Punk
2 months ago
Three chord sequences, pogoing, sunshine (mostly) and sometimes pizza - pop punk is THE summer genre, and holds a special place in the heart of many an alternative music fan. Whether you're a 'pop pun...
In Defense of the 'Thirsty Fangirls'
3 months ago
During a conversation on Facebook a couple of years ago, my friend mentioned that his adult brother had come down to visit. Apparently he was a fan of the same music that I was, particularly Bring Me ...
'My Sub-Genre's Better Than Yours'
3 months ago
This statement is a classic example of an attitude that is formally called genre elitism. Plenty of us are guilty of it in one way or another. Ever heard a rock or metal fan say that pop's no good? Th...