E.W Hemmings

A novelist/feminist/aspiring music writer from the UK. 

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In Defense of Modern Music
14 days ago
Sometimes, I imagine myself in another era, in some parallel universe where my birth certificate says "1975" instead of "2000." I see myself in a baggy green flannel shirt and jeans I ripped myself, d...
Album Review: Bring Me the Horizon—'amo'
a month ago
The ability to polarise is seen by some as the mark of great artistry. To divide an audience is tantamount to not giving a fuck, to not giving in to the temptation of pleasing people for the sake of m...
A Love Letter to the CD
7 months ago
Technology often manages to fail us somehow. I remembered this fact not too long ago: Ahead of the release date of Palaye Royale's Boom Boom Room: Side B, which I'd been anticipating for months, I tri...
An Idiot's Guide to Emo
7 months ago
The messages society is giving us are changing. We're told to open up and talk about our feelings now, as opposed to the stiff upper lip mentality of before. We're told to break out of the man box, th...
Enjoy the Gig with Your Eyes and Ears
8 months ago
A couple of months ago, my boyfriend went to Reading Festival with his family. And although I wasn't there, I sort of got to be—no, he didn't freak out security by bringing another person along in his...
The Leaders of Rock's Next Generation
8 months ago
Every era of rock music breeds legends. There's always a certain few who carry the torch for their genres, whose music stands the test of time and inspires the next generation of musicians to come. Te...