Edward Anderson

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Comeback Needs to Be Retired
4 months ago
"This is for the best, my reputation has never been worse..." Taylor Swift croons on her hit single "Delicate." This is not a true statement, much like Mickey Mouse, Swift seems immune to any kind of ...
Music for My Characters
5 months ago
I'm sitting at Shut Up and Write, I finished the screenplay I had been working on and started a short story I plan on submitting for publication. In preparation for this, I have a playlist on Apple Mu...
The Unintentional Gaga Trend
6 months ago
"If I can't find the cure, I'll fix you with my love," Lady Gaga sings on her hit single "The Cure." It's such a sweet sentiment that it's hard to recognize the impact that the song had on pop culture, but rest assured the song, like the diva who sings it, changed the way the highest tier of pop divas release songs for consumption by the masses. However unintentional it was, Lady Gaga was ahead of her time when she dropped this song on the unsuspecting audience. Just months before releasing "The...