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I'm a music journalist, blogger and crate digger. I began writing about music during college and as a freelancer. Links to all of my published pieces can be found on my music blog at: and/or follow me on Twitter:@popmartzoo 

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Fun, Dreams and an Adventure of a Lifetime: Recalling Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour
a year ago
“This was our first chapter. From now on we’ll only be full of surprises,” was recently posted on Coldplay’s Facebook page upon completion of the A Head Full of Dreams Tour in Buenos Aires. The sentim...
Music Condescension: A Sanctimonious Affliction
a year ago
We’ve all encountered and endured the hyperbolic rantings of music snobs. You know the type: someone who not only thinks they know more than the average music buff, but more than anyone else, period. ...
Looking Back at Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour
2 years ago
In celebration of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour coming to DVD and Blu-ray in September, I’m reflecting on her fabulous Nashville concert stop back in January 2016. The two-hour-plus show was the first Mu...
Deliberating the Go-Go’s Vacation on its 35th Anniversary
2 years ago
After a six-week run atop Billboard’s 200 album chart with the multi-platinum debut album Beauty and the Beat, all-girl rock group the Go-Go’s hurriedly released the follow-up sophomore effort, Vacati...
Tori Amos Delivers First Glimpse Inside Native Invader with “Cloud Riders”
2 years ago
Prolific singer-songwriter Tori Amos recently surprised fans by releasing “Cloud Riders,” the first taste of her upcoming album, Native Invader. The introspective new single ponders a turbulent relati...
Donna Summer: “I Feel Love”
2 years ago
It's been 40 years since the world first heard the future of music when “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer shocked us into a new sonic awakening. The electronic masterpiece — composed by Summer along with ...