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James Baldwin's Vision & Love of Hip-Hop
2 years ago
Since James Baldwin’s death, we have now entered a period of meta-understanding of the racism and the system built upon the massacre of the indigenous people of North America by European settlers. Fur...
Top Dawg Ent Leads the new age of Western Philosophy—Ab-Soul
2 years ago
Western philosophy acts to dissect the underpinnings of thought within the social, religious and political sphere. These days, a new age of thought comes from those dedicated to the craft of wordsmans...
Asaad aka Young27 Solidifies Legacy in Hip-Hop with Hard Work
2 years ago
North Philadelphia hip-hop artist, Sayyid Asaad or simply called Asaad, named 2016 the White Light Year—accompanying its own social media hashtag of #WHITELIGHTYEAR. He released a song every day for t...