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Best New Jack Swing Artists of All Time
a year ago
New jack swing is a type of music that was most popular during the early 1990s. A hybrid style that combines the rhythms of hip-hop and dance with the sounds of R&B, new jack swing combines both older...
Best Guitars for Beginners to Try Out
2 years ago
Picking your first guitar is important to your journey of learning the craft of a new instrument. Even the most famous guitar players remember what they learned on; and that is why it's important to c...
Best Electric Guitar Cases to Take on the Road
2 years ago
When you're shopping for the best electric guitar case, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Whether it's stratocasters and telecasters, handles, durability, cushioning, neck support, or e...
Best Musical Instruments for Kids
2 years ago
Your child's brain is guaranteed to develop faster with the encouragement of music in their lives. Though the "music" they will start off playing will consist of banging, blabber, and off tempo tappin...
Most Underrated Bands of the 00s
2 years ago
It is all too easy to forget about the music that used to be popular over a decade ago. That's why we're here to remind you of all the gems you used to hoard in your iPod shuffle. Which bands were you...
Best Hotels for Ultra Music Fest
2 years ago
When it comes to planning a festival weekend, booking the hotel seems to be the most tedious part of the check list. Does it really look like the pictures? How is the location? What makes the property...