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Bands, Brands, and Family
2 months ago
It’s quite clear that music has always amazed me… and really, I can’t put my finger on why. It sounds strange because music is always around us. We are constantly consuming other people’s creativity w...
The Prohibition
3 months ago
It has been a while since I have been inspired enough to write a blog post and thank goodness I have been given the urge to write about one of my favourite up and coming bands in the Bath/Bristol area...
"Colour Me In"
9 months ago
I’m taking a well-needed break from academic writing and turning my attention to this post. I need a change of tune, a chat… something more informal. The essay I have been writing is one about music a...
Microwave – 'Much Love'
9 months ago
2016’s Much Love by Microwave remains a prominent part of my record collection, not only for its beautiful distortion and thoughtful riffs, but for the stories it tells and the imagery created. Formed...
Moose Blood Live
a year ago
I was going to write this post in the early hours of the morning after returning from Bristol but now I have slept on it in hopes to string my messy thoughts together. Last night, I watched Moose Bloo...
Change: Artist? Industry? Technology?
a year ago
A post that could be divisive, but really, I’m just asking questions… Music is something that will always be developing and evolving, and thank goodness. That is something that I feel anyone can be gr...