Shelby Weimer

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All Six Maroon 5 Albums Ranked
6 months ago
Last week, I found myself in a deep conversation with my boyfriend about Maroon 5 and how their music has changed over the years. Of course he didn’t ask and didn’t so much care but nevertheless, I pe...
A Definitive Ranking of Concerts I've Attended
8 months ago
Let me lay it all out there for you. I've been to a bunch of concerts. This is a long list of 24 concerts (one for every year I've been alive) I can remember attending from the time I was 12 up until ...
41 Thoughts Everyone Has Had at a Musical Festival
a year ago
So, you’re going to a music festival. I’m not sure if YOU are sure of what this undertaking entails. Without further ado, here are 41 thoughts that everyone has while attending a music festival... Or ...