I was once a chef and I hated it, now I'm on a mission to find happiness with music... Here is my story of being a chef and why I left to produce music and DJ. I'm on Soundcloud and Insta too. Read my story at

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A Chef, Without the Line: Part 4
2 months ago
PART 4 - I have booked my first show… Before I get started with this weeks Story Part, here is my latest live mixing demo to fit this weeks topic. I am coming up on my year anniversary for producing E...
A Chef, Without the Line: Part 3
3 months ago
Part 3 Do you ever get signs from a higher being, person, dream, thing, or energy? Maybe even déjà vu? I have always got signs on what I should be doing with my life, sometimes before I know I should ...
A Chef, Without the Line
3 months ago
Part 2.5 Today, I woke up thinking that today was going to be like any other day. I have a daily routine of checking emails lying in bed after I wake up; scrolling through Instagram, reading the news,...