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Author of fantasy horror comedy novel Lemons Loom Like Rain, which is available on Amazon. You can also read excerpts at and check out as I share writing-related topics of discussion.

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'Relayer' - A True Fruition
37 minutes ago
Tales from Topographic Oceans was an album that was the pinnacle of Yes music in the eyes of some, and an example of over-indulgence in the eyes of others. After the tour, Rick Wakeman left the band, ...
'Tales from Topographic Oceans' - Fusions of Wonder
5 days ago
After Yes had a successful tour in support of Close to the Edge (well documented on the Yessongs live album and video and the Progeny box set), Jon Anderson (vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Chris Squire...
'Close to the Edge' - Taste the Fruit of Yes Recorded
9 days ago
Following Fragile and subsequent touring, the Yes lineup of Jon Anderson (vocals), Bill Bruford (drums), Steve Howe (guitar), Chris Squire (bass), and Rick Wakeman (keyboard) returned to the studio in...
'Fragile'—Agile Yes Music
12 days ago
After The Yes Album (which was certified silver in the UK and platinum in the US) advanced Yes music, the band toured successfully, even playing shows in America for the first time. Following that tou...
'The Yes Album' - A Venture Into Perpetual Change
16 days ago
For many Yes fans, The Yes Album is where much of what Yes is most known for really started. Part of that has to do with the recruitment of guitarist Steve Howe, who helped define their sound througho...
'Time and a Word' - Good Yes Music Then and Now
19 days ago
Yes' first album may not have made the biggest splash, but it showcased some of the adventurous drive that would remain within the band for years to come. Original members Jon Anderson (vocals), Peter...