Azaria Brown

22. I'm a writer and illustrator. I like films, television, books, music, politics and being black. One of my dreams is to work for Genius. 

IG: JaneAvalonArt


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My Name Don't Exist
16 days ago
I recently saw Noname in concert in Chicago when she opened for Anderson .Paak (I’ll be talking about .Paak’s performance more in depth at another time). Noname is, of course, incredibly talented, but also incredibly charismatic, and full of energy while on stage. It was whimsical to see her kinky straight wig blow in the wind as she performed some of her hits. The feeling I felt after the concert inspired me to dive into my hard drive and pull out a song analysis I did for Noname when Room 25 f...
Eryn Allen Kane: 'A Tree Planted By Water'
23 days ago
Chicago-based artist, Eryn Allen Kane, is a vocal powerhouse. Her voice yields incredibly jazzy and soulful music with an incredibly vulnerable tone. Also, she’s worked with Prince for goodness sake. ...
Vic Mensa's "Camp America"
24 days ago
Vic Mensa’s name has been in headlines for lots of reasons: some good, some bad. I’ve known about Vic Mensa and his presence in music for the better part of five or six years, but I’ve never felt inclined to listen to his music, for whatever reason. However, I think his latest release and comments on CNN are not being talked about nearly enough in the music commentary sphere. Recently, Vic Mensa released a track called “Camp America,” which makes a commentary on the conditions of immigration det...
Diggy Simmons Artist Analysis
a month ago
Many people know Diggy Simmons as a son of Rev Run and from their family reality show, “Run’s House.” On the show, he was the typical younger brother. who was also trying to learn about himself and to be comfortable in his individuality. Ten years after the final season of “Run’s House” Diggy is an actor and rapper in his own right, working on BET and gaining his own record deal with Atlantic Records. According to many interviews, Diggy says that he’s been rapping since he was five years old. Bu...
Is DJ Khaled an Unlikable Character?
a month ago
I’m not one to discuss music industry drama unless it’s within Facebook Messenger with my friends; most times, I just don’t see the point. But I will take pretty much any chance to relate music and other aspects of pop culture to critical theories, methods, and concepts. I really don’t have an opinion on this situation, and I honestly don’t understand it enough to have one (and I’m too lazy too look that deep into it TBH). I’m saying all of this to say that this is nothing against DJ Khaled. I’m...
Joyner Lucas: 'ADHD'
a month ago
Joyner Lucas has been creating some buzz for his upcoming ADHD album, which doesn’t have a release date just yet. He announced the upcoming album in late 2018, since then we’ve seen the release of three singles “I Love,” “Devil’s Work” and “Isis.” Right off the bat, I wanna say that 9/10 I don’t really research albums before they drop. This is because I’m usually not interested in what the artist is trying to do with an album. I like to listen to it first and then look at what they say they were...