Marcia Frost

I am a well-published lifestyle journalist, who specializes in travel, food, and wine. I also wrote about music as a teen in the late 70s & early 80s. I'm back at it again, mostly writing about the same bands I covered decades ago! 

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Country Singer Jessie Chris
2 years ago
Two years ago, Jessie Chris became the youngest person to ever perform at the CMA Festival. Since that time, the rising star has proven the importance of persistence in your career, an effort that got...
Cheap Trick and 38 Special Rock the River
2 years ago
Cheap Trick has been hitting the road hard this summer, especially in the Midwest, where they started playing in local clubs all those years ago. They were especially welcomed in Peoria, Illinois. The...
Neil Diamond in Indianapolis
2 years ago
Few performers have been on tour for 50 years, and even fewer can play to sold out concerts filled with many who weren’t born 50 years ago. Neil Diamond has managed to accomplish both of these tasks during his 50th Anniversary Tour. The main reason Diamond has grown new audiences and kept old ones is something that was unheard of all those years ago when he started: karaoke. The top barroom activity is loved by all ages and a quick internet search of the Top 10 Karaoke Songs of all time will alm...