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Hollywood Brittany's Prison Chains Are Broken and She's All In
11 days ago
I got locked up for sex trafficking women. I had three females at the time. If anyone knows me and knows the game, they understand that no one was forced by any means. But it’s a touchy situation. Eve...
MC Britney, Brazil's Funk Queen
4 months ago
"We are the voice of many women. We are independent and secure women who run after our goals and dreams. Showing that we can get out of the ghetto with music and win the world with our funk music." - ...
The Black and Beautiful Life of Mookie MoTonio
4 months ago
"... it's people in our own cities doing great things. Shit so media driven now days. They control the way we feel about everything." - Mookie Motonio Mookie Motonio has grown from a young energetic r...
All Genres Allowed: Darren Thomas Enriches Audience with 'Forgiven'
4 months ago
The most emotional performance of the night came when soloist James Williams performed the soulful "Sweet Communion." The passion and conviction that Williams had in his performance was worth more tha...
Summa's Body of Work
5 months ago
I never saw myself as a sex symbol before. I mean I always loved feeling sexy. And yes, there are tons of pros and cons to being such. I am a very strong minded black woman who cares. That’s the gist ...
Shining Star for You to See
5 months ago
Some of us didn’t have homes to go to, mothers were crackheads, some in foster care, some molested at a young age, and last but not least none of us had a father involved!