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WINNER - ‘WE’ - EP Review
9 days ago
From time to time, an artist can become a force to be reckoned with, yet still remain under-appreciated. These artists, although immensely talented, seemingly never get the recognition or acclaim they...
April’s Anthems—The Best of Last Month’s Music
13 days ago
In many ways, April was the first month that felt inspired when it comes to music in 2019. Until now, the year has felt like it’s had patches of brilliance, but nothing to truly write home about. Howe...
10 Years On—Eun Ji Won—‘Platonic’
a month ago
It might be an incredibly hard task, but cast your ears back to 2009. Upon doing so, you’ll realise it was a year full of interesting releases with The Black Eyed Peas having hit after hit, Lady Gaga ...
NCT 127–‘Awaken’ Album Review
a month ago
Over the past few years, NCT has become one of the most sought after groups in K-Pop. Complete with a unique concept that sees 18 members spread over multiple sub-units worldwide, they’re a prime exam...
Chen - ‘April, and a Flower’ Review
a month ago
Since their debut back in 2012, EXO has dominated the Korean music scene. Whether it be breaking records, collecting awards like they’re Christmas cards, or simply just becoming trailblazers for evolv...
Jay Park: Hip-Hop’s Underrated Mogul
2 months ago
Some artists, despite being uber-talented and possessing the skill set to shake the music industry, are simply “slept on.” It’s a clichéd phrase nowadays, but the truth is, in modern music, some music...