Nathan Sartain

A lifelong music fan with diverse taste.

Cult of Ya – The Concert Promoters That Care
16 days ago
Cult of Ya is a community of left-leaning, underground music fans. We aim to satisfy the demand for unseen, previously inaccessible underground misc worldwide, and provide access to both emerging and ...
iKON—The Guide to 2018's Hottest Group (Part Two)
18 days ago
You've read the first part (presumably), you're familiar with the members, and providing you didn't just decide to look them up for yourselves, you're now back ready to see some of my carefully select...
Ikon—The Guide to 2018's Hottest Group (Part One)
18 days ago
With NEW KIDS: Continue topping the iTunes charts in 24 countries, a performance at the closing ceremony of the Asia Games and a hit song dubbed "Korea's National Anthem" by fans and casual admirers a...
Zion.T - A Truly Incomparable Artist
20 days ago
Just a few months ago there was a bus strike in the city where I'm based. It was a pain for everyone involved, forcing people to change their daily commute options, and forcing me to take a completely...
Jooheon—'DWTD' Mixtape Review
22 days ago
If you're a fan of K-Pop, chances are you'll have heard of Monsta X. The fast rising group have a unique and likable style, with all members sharing progressive views, charms, and a general warmth tha...
pH-1's 'loves' EP Review
24 days ago
pH-1 has flown under the radar for many now for a couple of years, working on consistently solid releases such as "Wavy," "Perfect," and more recent efforts such as "GATSBY" and "harry." Combining upb...